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Does Listening to Music Improve Your Focus?

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❶I never work in front of a TV, but I can read on one end of the couch while my husband watches TV from the other.

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The student could possibly be stressed out over what he or she is studying for, and the music would bring that stress level back down. The music just creates this calm throughout their body and enables them to concentrate extremely hard on what they are doing.

Aside from making them feel better, the music will block out excess noise in the room from other students whispering to each other or the rustling of papers. These are all the positive effects music should have on studying. There is no way it can harm the others around them, who are probably too focused with their own work to notice them anyway.

Earlier in the blog period, I created a similar blog asking the same question. This is a topic that generally interests me as I alway do my homework with music playing in the background.

However, I always want to make sure that I am working in an efficient manner. The one aspect that your blog as well as mine both concluded was that music while studying strictly is based upon the individual. There are a number of confounding variables that come into play that can influence this data. For example, genre, tone, volume, rate, and whether or not the person is accustomed to working with music can all make a difference in their performance.

I have attached a link to the blog post I made regarding the same subject, I hope it can add some more information to this subject. I agree with you, I cannot study with music on. It distracts me too.

However, I have witnessed the same thing, many students here at Penn State have their earbuds in whenever they are doing work, so clearly your findings are correct- results vary and everyone is different. I found your blog interesting because I always listen to music while I study. I just find it calming and relaxing and helps me read at a faster tempo.

It seems there are some theories on the impact of music and studying. While scrolling through posts this one immediately intrigued me, most likely because i am currently listening to music and often do while studying. From my perspective, I have found listening to music while doing work very beneficial, but the genre is very important to me. I actually have found that rap may have a negative effect while studying but listening to old artists like ludwig van beethoven keeps me extremely focused on the task at hand.

Definitely not the most exciting music, but it gets the job done. In the car I am the person who listens to half a song then gets bored and changes it. But, I am the person who can watch TV while studying and doing homework without issue.

I put on my netflix show and just let it play. I have found that I relate certain things I was studying or reading to something I heard from the show that was playing. Here is a personal blog from someone who also feels that TV helped them to study. I have studied listening to Mozart before, and completed assignments this same way as well.

My only question would be could this depend on the topic that I was studying? I found your blog post to be very interesting. The music just helps me relax and concentrate on what I need to do. I also have to have music on when I have to accomplish other tasks non school related such as cooking or doing chores, the music motivates me.

I think music is very important. It works for some people but not all. I guess you are one of those who benefit from music, I totally understand you. For some, music is a distraction. But in york case, If it keeps you productive and concentrated, listen to music! The music motivates you and keeps your attention focused on the task at hand.

Explain to your mom that its helpful, not distracting. I need music to concentrate. If it were a tv show id be dozing away listening to the show. So I need music. I would no longer like track whilst I do those matters despite the fact that given that I do not rather like doing them in any respect and when you consider that I uncover them uninteresting it is effortless to get distracted via nearly something e.

For assignments wherein I wish to waft like writing a paper or coding I like to hear track. Second is my temper, repeatedly I simply suppose with no trouble distracted and are not able to paintings with track, however a few instances I suppose like I can paintings bigger with it on. Finally the style of track makes the entire change.

Normally, the instrumental stuff I pay attention to is both Trance or House, or Dub Reggae those are well heritage tunes whilst your excited about anything else. Really despite the fact that I do not understand how handy that is to you given that I believe it on the whole varies plenty from man or woman to man or woman. Anyway, despite the fact that, Peace. For me it depends on the type.

Anything with words will just distract me. So i usually go for soundtracks or other instrumental.

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Music is a powerful art form that can bring up emotions, inspire motivation and alter your mood. Students frequently listen to music while studying to make the process less painful and, in some cases, because they believe music will help them learn. The effects of listening to music while studying.

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Does Listening to Music Improve Your Focus? Can listening to music while preparing a presentation or doing homework help you concentrate? One expert, Alexander Pantelyat, an assistant.

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Does music really help you concentrate? M any people listen to music while they’re carrying out a task, whether they’re studying for an exam, driving a vehicle or even reading a book. Many. 8 thoughts on “ Listening to Music While Doing Homework/Studying Lead To Better Results? Stephen B Caruso October 23, at am. While studying, some people prefer to listen to music. Others need total silence, it just depends on who you are and what helps you study.

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Do Or Don't: Studying While Listening To Music. These studies and researchers seem to indicate that music can actually help you study and those who listen to music while studying may actually be better off for it. listening to music while studying may just cause your attention to drift to the music rather than help you concentrate on. Mar 18,  · When I do my homework, I love listening to music, because it helps me concentrate. I cant do my homework when i am in a silent environment, like my room, because my mind will just doze off and i will completely lose focus. With music playing, I am fully concentrated, and can easily focus on my homework. But my mom disagrees and thinks that listening to music will make me lose Resolved.