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10 Things Career Changers Need on Their Resume


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Did you anticipate and resolve a serious business breakdown? Explain the benefits your resourcefulness delivered and quantify it. Even routine reports and recommendations can demonstrate your proficiency in identifying patterns and trends that are important in making business decisions.

Product Management is another field that will require more than a little resume wizardry to get you in the door. Beyond that, be sure to work in language around your ability to identify needs and build consensus your Summary and Professional Experience section are prime real estate for this!

How you tell your story makes all the difference. Because, you so totally are. Erica Breuer believes that nailing your personal brand should be fun and painless. For example, if the new position calls for online marketing expertise, make sure any marketing or Web experience is mentioned in this opening paragraph. Since most managers spend less than a minute scanning your resume, make sure the first thing they read ties directly to the job description.

Numbers, especially those given in dollars, can quickly give hiring managers an idea of your contributions — even in an unrelated field, says recruiter Craig Libis, founder of Executive Recruiting Consultants based in Dell Rapids, S.

While important on all resumes, for a career changer, numbers can be a simple way for hiring managers to relate to an unfamiliar work history. Adding a short descriptor after the official job title can help hiring managers easily identify your transferable skills. But be careful not to exaggerate the truth. When it comes to resume writing, keywords help you move past the electronic filters. Bradford recommends using job aggregator sites like Indeed. What would you say are the 3 most crucial soft skills a person can possess who is seeking a career change?

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In your career change resume, you have to tell the story of your transferable skills to hiring managers, explaining how qualifications from your previous career are still applicable and relevant. (Here are tips on how to have a successful career transition overall.) Whether it's because of a shift in the industry or a shift in your interests, there are lots of reasons to make a mid-career transition.

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The key is to identify skills you have that will help you succeed in your career change. Customize your resume for each job. This will allow you to place special emphasis on the transferable skills that are most applicable to the job you want. In career change resumes and cover letters, this means personalizing your documents for each position.

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Career Change Resume Services We like to think of our careers in terms of a straight line: ever upward, ever forward; more experience, more responsibility. But sometimes, getting ahead means going in a completely new direction. Resume Letter. Another strategy for career changers with minimal related experience is a resume letter, which is a cover letter that substitutes for a resume. A resume letter emphasizes your passion for the industry and any related experience/training, but its narrative format allows you complete control over the information you provide.

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If you want to change careers, but your experience is in another industry, here are examples of the same resume transformed for different fields. We took one resume and showed you how it should look for five different types of career changes. That means creating a resume that will help you market your best transferable skills (read more of our career change tips on this more in-depth blog post). Hiring managers have short attention spans. If you want your resume to get past the initial screening phase, you’ll need to put your best foot forward and avoid appearing over-qualified.