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At the end of the novel, what final words does Aibileen want Mae Mobley to remember?
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Aibileen reluctantly agrees, but soon finds herself as engrossed in the project as Skeeter. Aibileen brings in her best friend, Minny, a sassy maid who is repeatedly fired for speaking her mind, to tell her story, too. Hearing their stories changes Skeeter as her eyes open to the true prejudices of her upbringing. Aibileen and Minny also develop a friendship and understanding with Skeeter that neither believed possible.

Along the way, Skeeter learns the truth of what happened to her beloved maid, Constantine. Constantine had given birth, out of wedlock, to Lulabelle who turned out to look white even though both parents were black. Neither the black nor the white community would accept Lulabelle, so Constantine gave her up for adoption when she was four years old.

When the little girl grew up, she and Constantine were reunited. When Charlotte Phelan discovered who Lulabelle was, she kicked her out and fired Constantine.

Constantine had nowhere else to go, so she moved with her daughter to Chicago and an even worse fate. Skeeter never saw Constantine again. As someone who lived in North Carolina for eighteen years, and heard lots of stories about the horrors of prejudice and triumphs of those who fought for equality, it was a fascinating trip back in time.

Stockwell tells the story from three different points of view - Skeeter, Minny, and Abileen. It takes a few chapters to get used to the dialect, but the pacing is terrific.

As the ladies are pursuing their "secret" project, the tale almost has elements of a spy story. Meet our bloggers, post comments, or pitch your blog idea. Book Report - The Help. By Steven Leventhal , July 27, at A great read, and a terrific book. Sign in Pitch your idea. Read these ChicagoNow blogs. Adam McInturff and Adam Chalifoux. Chicago Cubs news and comprehensive blog, featuring old school baseball writing combined with the latest statistical trends.

The art of writing a book review

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This type of college book report is the most time-consuming text for the majority of students. It comes as no surprise that they look for side help with writing a book report. As we have a vast pool of writers, we'll find a subject-matter specialist to work on your project.

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The Help, Kathryn Stockett's debut novel, tells the story of black maids working in white Southern homes in the early s in Jackson, Mississippi, and of Miss Eugenia "Skeeter" Phelan, a year-old graduate from Ole Miss, who returns to her family's cotton plantation, Longleaf, to find that her.

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HomeworkSpot > Book Reports You may sigh when your teacher assigns a book report project, but writing about the works of others is one of the best ways to expand your literary horizons. With the helpful tips that follow and your own creativity, you can keep the A's coming in. How to Write a Book Report. Writing a book report can be a lot of fun. It gives you a chance to read a new book and then tell your teacher and friends what you thought about it.

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I just finished this best selling novel by Kathryn Stockett, which is a good thing, because the movie version comes out on August 12th. This fictionalized account of the relationships between. Struggling with book report writing? Leave it to experts as they fulfill the requirements for you. Irrespective of what kind of book you read, there’ s no way denying the fact that books are one of the greatest inventions of men/5(14K).