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Is Buying a Term Paper Unethical?

is buying term papers unethical

❶When one submits a term paper, the implication is not only authorship, but also that the student has completed and verified all the necessary research. No wonder nothing gets done.

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The people at 6DollarEssay. Set up a registry of qualified paper buyers, like we set up gun registries? The responsibility for being ethical about papers belongs to the student and the teacher. In some places, it is purely on the student.

It was on us to report ourselves. I know that in some colleges, they ask the teachers to police the students. Most professors I know can tell right away.

The ethical burden is not on the seller. Privacy will disappear and we will join some kind of Borg utopia. You go too far. The lack of ethics comes well before making the first sale. It starts with choosing to to make a profit from a product that the seller may or may not have written.

Then it moves into the marketing angles. From a quick internet search, here is one of many rationalizations given:. If you are a college or university student, you most likely lack the time for term paper writing. Custom term papers for sale is your perfect chance to devote more time to your hobby, friends and family while your economic term paper, management term paper, history term paper, psychology term paper, etc. But I thought we were talking about offering to write a term paper for someone else for money.

If I write you a term paper, and you agree to buy it, what is unethical about that? I write you a term paper. I might suggest some uses; even some unethical uses; but I am just trying to make a sale. I just want you to buy it. No matter how unethical you might think it is, we can talk all day about that. You might jawbone me into ceasing and desisting from this work. It is a waste of time. We need to focus on things we can do.

We need to focus on making students responsible for their work. We need to dry up the demand for term papers, by getting students to do their own work. By getting rid of a grading system that has a dubious relationship to the product it purports to create. The whole system is wrong. On the other hand, My son is going to a smaller school where the student ration is much smaller, the instructor is likely to be the one grading the paper and there is a much higher probability that a change of style will be noticed and questioned.

That means you need to get the same contractor to do all of your papers for the same class for the entire grading period. We are talking massive amounts of cash now. As someone who has never sold a term paper nor purchased one, I have no idea what they cost. I caught about 5 college students cheating just last semester. Because I recognized that the writing they submitted was clearly not their own. It can be done. Massive cash would be having the same contractor write all of their papers so the style would be consistent.

For an English class, the cost could be significant. Academic misconduct dilutes the value of the degrees we who did our own work earned. Just to see if anyone reads your posts? Come on now, do you really think that anyone with the intelligence to write a research paper worthy of cash payment is stupid or naive enough to think the buyer is buying it for the love of learning?

That premise is ludicrous. As Aethelflaed points out, college students are notoriously broke and most have easy access to the internet and as a bonus a college library with lots of research databases and faculty reference librarians. The bottom line here is that anyone who hires themselves out to write term papers something I believe marinelife would never stoop to doing , knows what the paper will be used for and knows what they are doing is unethical.

This is common sense type reasoning and does not require getting involved in the life of the purchaser. But what I find most illogical and inconsistent about your argument is that three posts down you say it is unethical for the term paper seller to pass off the work of others as their own. There are always going to be people who are going to make unethical choices. There are always going to be people who are going to take the easy way out by cheating. BTW, I would guess that you have already figured this out, but some of your classmates in college cheated, even after signing the code of honor.

Some did not get caught, and never turned themselves in. I think it has something to do with world view. They try and convict people with no further evidence needed. I see that a lot around here and it saddens me. The people who write term papers for others, are not responsible for where those term papers end up. They have no ethical responsibility to anyone. It is a free market, and that is what is important here, in my opinion.

They may well be enabling other people to cheat—according to the rules that some academic institutions use, but that really, truly should not be their concern. Academia, is not their concern, and should not be their concern. Academia needs to watch out for itself. It is not God, and it has no reasonable expectation that others should watch out for it, and we, as a society, should try to give it a free ride. Academia needs to be accountable for itself.

You are buying into a system that you do not fully understand. Most people just accept it without question, and expect everyone else to support it, too. Academia and academic evaluation is a house of cards. It needs to be pressured by cheaters. It grows massive and slothful. If anything, people who sell papers are doing the system a favor. It should happen more often. Because it is opening up a festering wound—which is the overall corruption of academic evaluations systems in toto.

So I am quite serious. This is an issue that reaches very deeply into the hidden underpinnings and basic assumptions about academia. I do not think it is unethical for a seller to sell a paper.

I do think it is unethical for a student to submit work that is not theirs. WIth regard to the issue cheating in my career—I never cheated. College was pretty easy for me. It was pretty rare at my school.


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