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500+ Mechanical Engineering Projects 2018 | List | Ideas | Report Download

ENSC03 Cross-Laminated Timber Characterization and Optimization

❶We set out to redesign a new test fixture that will resolve these current problems. Please can anyone help me with evaporative cooling system for vegetables tomatoes Reply.

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The design caters to consumers who would like to utilize hydropower on a small scale. It allows for environmentally-conscious users to generate power from a river or stream near their home. This project focused on creating a system that analyzed different small-scale hydropower components to create a portable, cost effective system.

The final prototype is made from 3D printed parts. It generates power using a water-lubricated, brushless DC motor. Water is channeled through the inlet to focus the flow into the turbine blades.

Water exits through the outlet, reducing the pressure without causing cavitation. If brought to a manufacturing level, this easily installable system may allow for affordable and noninvasive infrastructure as an alternative to the traditional dam.

This could bring green energy down to a much more personal level. ENSC Group 19 was tasked by Gary Stadtmueller to design an independent system that can be implemented on any trailer-type and connect to the towing vehicle as it executed a variety of maneuvers in an attempt to reduce the strain on the tow vehicle.

ENSC 19 designed and created a functioning sub-scaled prototype by utilizing a garden wagon, batteries, a load cell, motorized wheels, a microcontroller, and speed controllers. The designed sub-scale prototype is capable of simulating a loaded trailer and reacting to the given input through the handle of the cart by the user, which is designed to resemble the tow vehicle performing various actions i.

Through the design, a larger-sized system utilizing correctly-scaled components can be implemented on any trailer and Increase the fuel efficiency of the tow vehicle while under load. Mike Plahuta, an engineer in the jet propulsion division at Boeing, proposed this project because it is beneficial for Boeing to have multiple tests showing consistency and agreement with their honeycomb material vendor, Hexel. This project was a continuation of the Boeing Honeycomb Core team.

A test matrix including test data from was delivered. Once testing was complete, the team published a correlation curve with a correlation coefficient that correlates cell wall orientation to strength.

The team also delivered documentation covering the testing procedures. Boeing, our sponsor, came to us with a problem they currently have with installing nut clips in the fuselage of their airplane. When installing by hand, the nut clips often fall into the lower deck of the airplane, becoming FOD, foreign object debris. When FOD occurs, it takes time and resources to clean before the next step in production.

Our goal, which we have obtained, was to design, develop, and test a hand held tool for ergonomically installing nut clips, with the main function of preventing FOD.

We have developed a tool that is durable, ergonomic, and easy to use, while providing the function of FOD prevention. To achieve this goal, the group cut different geometries into the metal of axes and tested them to see if a certain geometry could reduce the shock the user felt.

Another avenue of overmolding was explored. For this, urethane was cast over the different handles of axes and tested to see how urethane would dampen the shock felt.

Senior Design Group 23 was tasked with development and prototyping of an ElectroMechanical Faucet device. There is a growing market for the automating of simple tasks for the improvement of user experience and efficiency. The infrastructure behind common objects lends them to be operated most efficiently in a certain way, but human operators tend to make this difficult or impossible.

By integrating some basic technology and hardware, it is possible to drastically improve the efficiency of these devices and to improve the user experience. Thus, a system that can be retrofitted onto a preexisting single-handle shower valve that can actively control the temperature of the shower stream has been developed.

Additional design specifications require it to remain noninvasive and relatively low cost compared to existing market competition, and provide preheat functionality. Each chip has a unique identification number that correlates to the specific concrete batch specification which will now be stored in the company cloud database, making way for ease of location finding and data retrieval. The team of four Computer Science majors CPSC 09 created a cloud database for the storage of batch specific information and employee interface for the data retrieval.

The team of three Mechanical Engineers were tasked with the dispensing of the RFID chips at the batch plant and the creation of a manufacturing process to do so. The goal of this project was to develop a prototype and data acquisition system for the measurement of vibrations as they travel from the hand through the arm and to the ear, with a focus on how body vibrations can contribute to hearing loss.

The team designed and developed a prototype of multiple accelerometers for NIOSH to refine and use in research going forward to analyze the connection between exposure to vibration of mining equipment and occupational hearing loss. We have outlined minimum dimensions that they must redesign certain rooms in their factory. This will not only prevent damaged products but also free skilled labor from guiding such parts.

From simple solutions like rehanging a carrying hook to providing new room dimensions and realigning process chains, we will solve any hang-ups that these extended parts will cause.

In doing this, the water is sufficiently balanced to maintain a high level of conductivity and thus maximum output power. This is done by the use of a fan, and in order to choose an appropriate fan we need to know this mass flow rate and the pressure required to achieve said mass flow rate. Our test bench measures flow rate and the pressure that the said flow rate needs to overcome. From this data, the team generates impedance curves that Plug Power uses to easily choose the best fans for each fuel cell.

This project taught the team a lot about working as a group on long projects and kept us on our toes with topics such as fluid mechanics and design. We designed an engine test skid to increase research and laboratory opportunities for the Mechanical Engineering Department.

This research includes, but is not limited to, research on biodiesel fuel performance and fuel consumption. The skid will allow for laboratory experiments in fluid mechanics, heat transfer or thermodynamics classes. Our test skid is an adjustable stand to support an engine ranging from horsepower and designed to support a dynamometer at a later date. The continuous feed types are more popular type owing to their ease of use.

Garbage disposals vary in power. Anything more powerful is totally unnecessary. They also vary in grinding chamber capacity and the quality and number of grinding components also vary with price. Garbage disposals are widely used in the USA. But it is a machine that has immense scope in cities of India and other countries.

In most Indian cities, both small and large, waste disposal is a large problem. Often food wastes rot near public roads, and there is no place to dispose of them properly. Using garbage disposals one can easily grind all the food wastes into pulp and send it to the drainage. This not only reduces the amount of wastes sent to landfills but also reduces the production of Methane gas which is harmful to the ozone layer of Earth.

The working and construction of this machine is very simple and is suitable for a project. You can read more on garbage disposals here;. Keep up the good work. For sure i will check out more posts. This site seems to get a good amount of visitors. Send me new project in my email: I wantto know,that is there a project possible on three rotor torsional vibration system… Please help me out.

How many amongst these been working out? Any new project which is unsolved which can be worked out? These projects will be beneficial for all undergrad students whose looking for thesis proposal.

Hi I need current and latest projects topics related to Automobiles, Thermal, Power plant and Manufacturing fields. Dear sir, I want to sell my mechanical project. Can any one help me with it? Details of my project: This machine is best for farmer or a gardener. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Projects List mainly include abstract ,report in pdf , project presentation ,project topics for third years ,Final year ,B.

Mechanical engineering mini projects list, project for diploma students For Diploma Project Report Download, Simple Mini mechanical Projects visit below link: Design and fabrication related Projects include designing a mechanism ,machine and fabricating by using different manufacturing Processes like welding, machining ,laser cutting.

Design and development of hydraulic jack Report Download. Agricultural Projects are interesting as well as low budget ,cost projects concepts are provided. Solar Agricultural Water Pumping System. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Projects include mechanism or machines run by Fluid Power i.

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(70+Updated) CAD Projects for Mechanical Engineering:CAD/CAM plays a vital role in the field of Mechanical we already know that CAD stands for Computer Aided Design and CAM stands for Computer Aided order. Above list of mechanical engineering major projects is developed to help students, researchers and engineers in their mechanical project development. Our list consists of various concepts and ideas that help in your major project for mechanical engineering.