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❶Cell is the basic structural and functional unit of life. makes it easy for you to complete your Biology assignment.

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Modern Biology Chapter 18

Hence, time and again with new findings and results, changes were made in gene theory. The word homeostasis was first coined by cannon. This theory of Biology includes the detail study of endocrine system and nervous system of brain. It comprise of pH balance, blood pressure, electrolyte and many more. We have appointed best Biology tutors to help you with your Biology projects.

In school and Universities; a Biology student need to attend theoretical as well as practical classes. Remembering core concept of every topic along with terms that are specifically used in Biology turns out to be a tiring job. So, our online Biology tutors will help you get over this problem.

They are experts having Masters and PhD. Degree from a well-known University. They also have years of teaching experience. So, they possess immense knowledge on every topic of this field.

Hence, your Biology assignment will carry all the minor details of the topic. Our online Biology experts have made a list of few important areas of this field. Some of them are briefly explained below:. Anatomy means the study of internal parts of a living body. The study on anatomical part that can be easily viewed by naked eyes is segmented under gross anatomy and those parts that form the basic organization of a living body is studied under Histological section.

This area of study is important to discover the functioning, composition and importance of any specific part or organ. Hence, when plants anatomy is studied, it is termed as plant anatomy. Likewise, anatomical study of animals is termed as animal anatomy.

Cell is the foundation of any living body. It is the first step for the beginning of life. Though it is minute and cannot be seen by naked eyes, but it is made of many important components. Hence, knowledge on cell, its structure, composition and function can be obtained by study of Cell Biology. Presently, cells are also important to conduct study on different diseases, transplantation of organs, immune system of body and many more.

It is the area of biology that elucidates our knowledge on living organism at a molecular level. It also provides information on the interaction of different systems of a body at molecular level. Hence, molecular biology is connected with many other fields of Science including Cell Biology, Genetics etc.

For example, Amoeba is a unicellular organism. On the other hand, multicellular organisms are the organisms whose body is made up of more than one cell.

There is a division of labor in multicellular organisms. Such organisms have a longer life span compared to unicellular. For example, human beings are multicellular. Living things are active, and have cells in their basic structure. Living things share seven characteristics of life including cells and organization, growth and development, reproduction, homeostasis, metabolism, change through time and response to stimuli.

Homeostasis is the mechanism by which living organisms maintain constant internal temperature and environmental conditions such as pH levels, blood sugar levels, plasma concentration, among other conditions. On the other hand, metabolism refers to all the chemical reactions taking place in a living organism. Generally, carbohydrates, lipids and proteins form the major components of food that provide the energy in form of ATP adenosine triphosphate and its equivalent.

This energy is required for the cells to carry out various metabolic processes, which are essential for the survival of the organism. Evolution is the change that every organism undergoes with time. Evolution may result in great deal of differences in the most closely related species, or may draw similarities between the most distant of species.

Natural selection refers to the selection of the favorable traits that enable an organism to better survive and reproduce in an environment. It is the mechanism by which the environment selects the strongest individual that survives the extremities of the environmental change.

Adaptation refers to those favorable traits that enable an organism to better survive and reproduce in an environment. Solution to any scientific problem emerges from the observations and data qualitative or quantitative. A careful examination of observations and data help to form patterns which once connected across result in drawing a hypothesis for the scientific query.

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