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Within 24 hours we and our dogs were living in peace. It has been four months since our in home training and I would recommend Pawfection Dog Training to everyone.

Daryll Payne and the people who help him every Saturday at the dog park are completely professional, friendly and fun. The rest is up to the dilligence of the owner and the trust between owner and dog.

I cannot imagine anyone complaining about the dedication and advice that Daryll gives. Well, some people are just into the blame game and do not want to admit to themselves that they were doing things against the advice of an expert. Never mind that, now! If you want to learn how to train your dog, come on over to Pawfection Dog Training. We have a really great time and the dogs love the work and the play. The rest is up to you and your dog! Vicky Stanley Palm City We only had a few minor issues with the dog, i.

Darryl came to our home and educated us on dog behavior with a very interesting Power Point presentation. He then worked with us to correct the minor negative behaviors.

He also showed us how to walk the dog in a manner that is fun for the dog and for the handler. He also showed us how to play some mentally stimulating games with the dog.

Our lab now sits like a gentleman when someone enters our home and waits to be approached by the visitor. He enjoys searching for his treats. He no longer barks when left in the yard for a half hour in the morning. We also hide some treats in the yard and he enjoys finding them. We are so happy that we found Darryl upon adopting this pet. This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship with our happy and well-behaved dog.

Our session was worth every penny. We would love to take our dog to the group obedience and agility sessions, but we are moving at the end of the month. It will be the difference between having a good dog and an incredible dog, and it only takes two hours of your time! Our dog Charlie had a terrible barking problem.

He would bark at people walking in the street, when people came to the door, at our lawn man, and pretty much anything and everyone! I was very close to buying a bark collar for him, but I decided to explore other alternatives first.

Daryl came to our house and delivered on every promise. Today, Charlie is completely different dog and well-adjusted member of our family. He is a much happier dog now and we are happier owners. We started out with a very large German Shepherd puppy without a clue as to how to train him. German Shepherds are apparently very different than all of our previous dogs.

Darryl turned things around in just two hours. Then we began the obedience and agility training. Our dog really shines when he is there. Now, we are considering training him for search and rescue and Darryl is the man to help us to train him. We highly recommend Darryl and Pawfection Dog Training.

This man was wonderful he was very knowledgeable he was very reasonable in price and best of all he solved my problem. I had an aggressive young dog I was to the point that if this did not work I was going to put her down. I have had terriers all my life but never one this bad in less then two hours in my home he had her under control. After h left I took her for a walk we passed kids, people on bikes, and other dogs this would have been a nightmare before I had to give one correct for a minor infraction otherwise she behaved like a normal dog.

He even showed how to stop the barking and jumping up. I am thrilled, I know there will be minor setbacks but now I know how to correct it, and he will come back if I have a problem.

Our 15 week old puppy was becoming a handful and Daryl first described and then presented several things we can do to challenge the puppy. He also illustrated correction techniques that now seem basic but before meeting Daryl we would never have thought of them. Correction and training technics are firm but not harsh. Best of all they worked right away.

Our 10 year old golden retriever would bark when the door bell rang. We now have a plan to curb that. We are extremely happy with the results, even though it has only been a few hours. The price, value, knowledge, professionalism etc are top notch. We could not have asked for more. Soon we will be starting the puppy classes at Pawfection and are looking forward to that.

If anyone is having an issue with a mature dog or puppy, give Pawfection a call. We found Daryl very easy to talk to. Darryl provided exception service and dog knowledge that helped guide and train us to communicate effectively with our 7 month old olde english bulldogge in a 2 hour in home session. With having young kids in the home we felt it important to bring up our family in a manner in which we could have fun and be safe and Darryl has helped us get going rapidly in only 2 hours….

Educating us on dog behavior and training. Demonstrated his methods on our dog. Referred us to other businesses we may need to care for our canines. Gave us information on further training classes and future possibilities for our dog. We felt very comfortable with him and my dog responded well to him. All in all, it was money well spent.

Darryl came over after normal business hours 5: He was at our house for 2 hours and was easy to talk to. He is very knowledgeable in everything dog! We also are part of his puppy group training classes 6 weeks on Saturdays. Darryl was on time and was very good with our 12 week old puppy. He walked us through his presentation which was easy to understand and he answered every question we had. He also took a look at her current food and recommended a food that was cheaper and better quality!

He showed and taught us how our puppy thinks and what she perceives and how to teach her manners. There are so many good things he covered!!! The puppy classes are great! Our little pup gets to play with other puppies outside in an environment that is fantastic plus she gets to learn some manners! Without a doubt Darryl is the best dog trainer and has the most experience that we have met!

He is highly recommended. Bow wow, Darryl fixed my 3 border collie dogs in 2 hours. The issue I had was that my dogs jumped up at people as soon as they were greeted Darryl fixed them with ease and they are still fixed. They were generally badly behaved dogs as you might expect for 3 young brothers but i now own 3 angels. You need to call him now if you need to train your dog.

He helped to train my 3 year old lab stop jumping up on visitors. So far it is working fine. When he arrived he immediately saw the problem and said it would be an easy fix. He went over the entire process and in a short time had gotten the attention of my dog and he was he was studying being better. We started training with Darryl at Pawfection because we have a very exuberant Australian Shepherd who needed both physical and mental stimulation. He teaches us how to better understand our dog and anticipate his actions.

I have a hard headed stubborn boxer boy and Darryl has been great at getting him to pay attention. He just loves the agility part of the training and comes home exhausted and calm. Not only do I regularly recommend Darryl Payne as a dog trainer and behaviourist, but myself and two other members of our practice take our own dogs to his group classes.

Darryl has proven to be confident with all types of dogs regardless of their problems, he is patient, positive and provides exactly the right motivation just when it is needed. He has a genuine interest in, and love of, dogs including their care and welfare. I had a home visit for my 2 year old aggressive towards other dogs and some people, Wiemaraner. Plus he was growing fast and would pull me on walks.

Darryl visited, watched, talked about my concerns and then we went out to experience how Jasper walked and reacted. He gave me specific instructions and showed me how to handle my dog.

He also told me about the classes he has which are half obedience and half fun-gility which Jasper loves! I followed the instructions Darryl gave and showed me. A main part is you as the owner have to take the responsibility to follow through. Jasper walks beside me, passes other dogs or sometimes he greets them.

No more growling, snapping, pulling — I recommend Pawfection very highly. I have stuck with them for four years now because my dog is just what I wanted him to be and he loves the classes. Non aggressive and very obedient and we are happy campers. Darryl is a real Professional. They helped me with my dog because he barks a lot. He was so nice and it only took one session. Darryl provided my family with tools to be able to have a happy family unit with our Yorkie Maggie.

Darryl came and started with a little history behind why dogs do what they do in their own packs. He made us understand that in our home we are the leader and our dog should follow what we say to do.

We were taught games to play with her so that she still gets the working part of her mind going. The children can even play different games with her as well so it really is a family mission. We went on a walk and taught us techniques that will benefit our household and they worked. Our home went from a Yorkie telling us what to do to us taking back our home so that we all can live together. In home dog training visit for 2 dogs, both mastiff mix. I scheduled an in-home training session with Darryl Payne after he was recommended by my vet when I went to him to discuss the behavior concerns.

I was really skeptical about a 1 visit dog training session being able to work because mastiffs are known to be a stubborn breed of dog, and only 1 visit was unbelievable. In addition to showing me the proper techniques for dog training, Darryl also gave suggestions on their dog food, exercise, and some additional products that he was not trying to sell me but thought would benefit us better than similar products we already owned.

The only additional product he even tried to sell me was only because he could offer me a discount over what the price would have been at a pet store so it was more of doing his clients a favor than him trying to be a salesman.

I have recommended them to everyone I know! Michelle Mills E. New Smyrna Beach, FL Darryl spent the first hour reviewing our listed concerns and educating US in animal behavior and human interactions.

He taught us what makes a dog happy and how to help him understand the world in which he lives. Darryl promotes positive reinforcement, not food rewards. He first trained inside our house and when we were happy with what we and our dog had learned, we advanced to the walk. We highly recommend Pawfection Dog Training to anyone needing to help their canine friend understand the world in which they live so we can all have peace and tranquility.

Even though it was a rainy day he spend a lot of time learning about our dog and our challenges. He then helped us formulate a comprehensive plan to provide our dog the things she needed boundaries, exercise, mental challenges, etc. We still have daily challenges but we know exactly how to handle them! Darryl came out to my daughters home for a two hour session with my daughters one year old dog Wallace, a Corgi. I have to say that my daughter and I were skeptical before our appointment with Darryl.

His wife Penny had reassured me that they could help us with our training issues with Wallace. Wallace is a very fun loving happy dog who loves to bark from sunrise to sundown. He also like to eat everything he can get a hold of off the sidewalk when going on walks. Not to mention a few other issues! Darryl took time to listened to exactly what the problems were. After our discussion we then introduced Darryl to Wallace.

He was gentle with Wallace and before we knew it the session was ending and Darryl had taught my daughter and I as well as Wallace what to do and what not to do. Once Darryl left I though perhaps Wallace would go back to his old tricks, however, Wallace has turned into the perfect dog.

We highly recommend Pawfection!!! They are very professional and you can see they have a real love for animals and it shows in their performance. The trainer came to our house and spent quite a bit of time with us.

He was able to evaluate our puppy and showed us a couple of games for him. They came and trained me so I would train my dog the right way. This is the first day but so far my dog is listening to me and doing great. I am very pleased with the service I got from Pawfection!!

I have a lot of experience with dogs but the newest addition to my family was a tough case for me to crack. I had read all the books and tried all the conventional methods but this dog just did not get it. I did a ton of research on line and decided to go with pawfection due to the the back ground of Darryl Payne. Darryl came to my house and spent the time listening to my issues with the dog and then he tailor his training method to my situation.

Not all dogs are trained the same way and Darryl was able to help me find a way to stop my new dog from bolting out of the house, chewing, and trying to chase my cats. With his advice I will be able to continue to work with my dog and make him the part of the family we always wanted!!!! One in home session is all I needed. If you are looking for a dog trainer and want the most experienced, least time consuming, and most affordable you need to contact Pawfection.

Website design by Techdesigns. Liberty Transit is a fixed-route public rest of the state and beyond by several interstates The state spells out what is required for transit system that operates within Hinesville, and state highways. Distracted Driving Except for school bus and novice drivers, the state of Georgia does not prohibit drivers from making calls on handheld wireless telephones while operating a motor vehicle.

Georgia pro- hibits texting while driving for all drivers. Vehicle Registration As nonresident military stationed in Georgia, you are not required to register your vehicle in the state of Georgia as long as your vehicle visibly displays valid license plates from your home state.

If you chose to register your vehicle in Georgia, you must comply with all require- ments of vehicle registration. Applications associated with driving and vehicle registration http: Maps and information about com- YPRM muting options, safety rest areas and interstate highways are also available. Fol owing these 10 rules wil ensure a safe and courteous journey.

Be wel -informed 7. Posted maximum speeds are for ideal driving condi- about weather and road conditions or traffic activity on your route. Adjust your speed for traffic, road and visibility conditions or when not trips, include a rest stop every two hours, sooner if you are tired. Pack an operating at your best. Higher speeds magnify errors and decrease response emergency ration kit of water and nonperishable food items such as energy times.

It helps to maintain a large "safety cushion" around your vehicle to bars. Always wear your seat belt: Seat belts keep you in control and ready to 8. Everyone should wear a seatbelt while in the mended schedule for maintenance service.

Routinely check tires, brakes, vehicle. Pack a flashlight, blanket and first-aid kit. Put the phone down: A mobile phone is great for roadside emergencies. But In cold climates, pack extra warm clothing. Carry a mobile phone for using a phone while you drive drastical y reduces your reaction time to al emergencies.

Minimize distractions by concentrating on the road, not objects, 9. Move your disabled vehicle: If your car breaks down, move it off the road people or events inside your vehicle.

Scan the roadway continual y for hazards. Keep hood or using your hazard lights, then stay inside and ask passersby to cal your eyes moving, looking from one side to the other.

Know what is happening police. If unable to move the car out of traffic, get al passengers to exit the wel in front of you; watch for brake lights. If you must walk to traffic beside and behind you. Pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, vehicles of varying Never drive while under the influence of alcohol, sizes, as wel as drivers of various ages and skil levels, al have a right to prescription or street drugs, or over-the-counter medications that make you use the road.

Slow down and give others time and space to proceed safely. Not only wil you put yourself and your passengers in danger, but a Treat them as if they were dear friends -- they are to someone. Be predictable and courteous and signal your inten- a driver if you think you are going to drink. Road rage and normal fatigue can tions so other road users know what you plan to do next. Use your horn or also impair your response time.

Be calm, well-rested, alert and attentive any headlights if necessary. About 18, retirees live the Atlantic Ocean. Each ward was divided laid-back lifestyle in Savannah and Hinesville within a mile radius of the installation, as into narrow lots and organized around a central contribute to a quality of life not often found do nearly 43, veterans.

This ward model imposed Stewart, the U. The by founder Gen. The original planned city was laid out typical of such monsoon-type climates. Atlantic National Guard members; a government count in one-acre squares called wards, feet to hurricanes are a risk and some neighborhoods determined Hunter to be the second-largest a side, along a foot-high bluff overlooking are so apt to flood that pumping stations and five employer in its region, with 6, civilian and the Savannah River, 18 miles upstream from canals have been built to carry the water away.

Geographically, Richmond Hill is in an unusual situation. Richmond Hill is the shopping and ser- www. Historically, agriculture underpinned the program; and Savannah Law School.

Gregory Park, and there pure silk early on to cotton later, all shipped Area or HMA Chatham, Bryan and Effingham are special celebrations like the Great Ogeechee through the Port of Savannah, one of four counties began growing again after and Seafood Festival, the July 4 Salute and Fireworks continuing financial mainstays along with manu- with more housing pressure, prices are begin- and the Chili Cookoff and Christmas Parade.

Department of Housing and tory Museum is in the former kindergarten the made it a center for the arts and for significant Urban Development expects continuing popu- Fords built in for the community. The architecture, and from the visual arts to dance, lation growth to be concentrated in Chatham grounds include the Bailey Carpenter Barber theater to music, museums to historic cemeteries County.

Since , 75 percent of growth Shop. Residents can enjoy 47 parks and playgrounds prospects are driving an uptick in housing sales Heritage moves outdoors with the Green http: Housing prices vary widely based on Creek Interpretive Trail, a work in progress. It took commuters an average channel. Thanks to federal and state funding, the for the blind. Commute times averaged just under militia drill and muster ground. The name com- and burned. The region was devastated, the 26 minutes.

Then in Charlton Hines, who introduced the legislation schoolmaster Samuel Dowse Bradwell made an Hinesville to move the county seat. Drive The sale of ship supplies like turpentine from two schools, the first the public Poor School and Hinesville, GA Fighting erupted in and statewide, and the original student body had because of its central location and its proximity around the town, schools closed, residents fled grown from 63 to by Decide on the valuables and documents together.

If the items as the histories say, though by the end of the type of move best for your circumstances. Withdraw ater and Grounds; Irene B. Set aside items you will need imme- your new home. The average com- tax-deductible moving expenses. You Fort Stewart personnel choose to live in town.

Review any damage to most stressful situations in life. Whether moving laundry, phone and cable television disconnected. Set up connections at your new across town or across the nation, preparation and supervisor.

A trans- prohibit certain plants, so research before you move. Ask any company you are Find local apartments listed in chamber https: The Georgia agent, property manager or owner. Bring a first step should be to inventory your personal Department of Community Affairs maintains list of what you are looking for in a rental; it belongings.

The list, with photographs of any valuables, will be important for both insurance purposes and to help keep you organized during transit. Plan for one full day to pack each room -- though the kitchen and garage may take longer. Make a rough estimate of your packing schedule and then add 50 percent more time.

It always takes longer than predicted to pack. Toss or donate unused items to lighten your load. Books should go in small boxes while bedding can easily fill a larger box.

Purchasing a home entails a long-term emotional and financial commitment with various pluses and minuses attached. Advantages include the possibility of building equity and the freedom to design and decorate your property or landscape. Disadvantages include upkeep, property taxes and fluctuating prop- erty value. Renting, on the other hand, makes moving easier and someone else maintains the prop- erty. And the landlord or property managers ANNA can also raise the rent with proper notice.

Subtracting your expenditures loans to determine the right fit for your finan- in-ready two-, three-, four- and five-bedroom from your income, for instance, will yield the cial situation and discuss your options with homes in single-family, townhome and apartment amount you can afford for housing.

Lenders are diverse styles. Located at Fort Stewart with easy access Be sure to account for all insurance costs today, and not all homebuyers obtain their to Hinesville and Savannah, our residents enjoy a associated with owning a home, possible mortgage loans through their banks and credit secure and comfortable hometown environment homeowner association fees and property taxes unions.

For example, you may choose to work with the convenience of hour maintenance, in your monthly expenditures. Overall, loan with an internet lender, a mortgage broker, lawn care services and community events. Homes are equipped with garages, off-street ginniemae. Currently, al average utility the Homebuying Institute loan programs con- members and check credentials as well as Better costs, with the exception of telephone and cable tinue to vary on the percentage of your income Business Bureau ratings.

A preapproved loan before starting your rent. Community amenities include playgrounds, Lenders balance debt against income to decide search for a home can determine your spending athletic courts, a dog park, a community center if an applicant will be able to repay a loan. Most limits and signal any potential issues in the way with a fitness center and a splash park. For unaccom- panied service members, the rental rate is set exceptions, such as for those with significant to determine your credit status and make sure at a fair market rate that can be obtained by savings.

The Federal Housing Administration the report contains no erroneous information. FHA sets To order your free annual report from one or Fort Stewart Family Homes is a privatized its top thresholds at 31 percent front-end debt all of the national consumer reporting compa- housing community managed and maintained housing expenses as a percentage of income nies, visit www. For informa- tion about housing services, cal the Com- www. You will also need to provide information and verifica- tion about your job, your income and your past rental history.

Dress to make a good impression and treat the meeting like a job interview -- be polite and arrive on time. Before you decide to rent, inspect the apart- ment with the landlord. Look for the following problems: COM document the condition of the rental before you move in, and keep a copy of the com- www.

Box , purchase to those who qualify for the Georgia drop-down menu. For more information, www. First, determine your home preferences. Does a single-family house, condo, town house or duplex best fit your needs and budget? Do landlord contact information if you rented.

How close to past two years. In addition, a separate Department of Housing program offers down-payment assistance to city workers who want to buy a home of their own. A long list of potential housing helpers also can www.

Currently, Hinesville has two affordable housing programs for its residents. Median household are among the best in the nation. Ports, Planes and Highways to live and do business. In , it took only a quick Jackson Atlanta International Airport and the tors Bureau reported more than 6.

The state has more than city attracted increased by nearly double that turing site. The company is a top employer in 1, miles of interstate highways connecting figure. Lodging, dining, entertainment and Hinesville, third only to Fort Stewart and the Georgia to neighboring states and the rest of visitor-related transportation account for more Liberty County Board of Education. Three interstate highways In , the U. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Air- among all the metro areas in the country in job Although the area has been listed as one of the port the transportation hub of the Southeast.

The accolades Top 10 most affordable places to retire, about Atlanta is one of only five cities in the nation to continued as the area was then recognized one-third of the population in Hinesville and be served by three separate interstate highways.

Oglethorpe, in Savannah in The state is known as the others provide bypasses around major cities or Silk and indigo production, both in demand in No. Combined, all of England, were early export commodities. By the leading producers of blueberries, peaches, these interstate highways make moving products , almost a ton of silk per year was exported peanuts and poultry products. Agribusiness and people relatively easy. Its production under the the Georgia Farm Bureau.

The inven- installation east of the Mississippi River, cov- the nation. The port has historically been impor- tion of the cotton gin by Eli Whitney in ering nearly , acres, but, combined with tant to the Savannah area.

In the 19th century, the while he was visiting a friend near Savannah Hunter Army Airfield, is one of the largest Port of Savannah became one of the most active revolutionized the cotton industry. Growing employers in Coastal Georgia. That, and the onset 6 to 1, with 22, officers and enlisted military finest goods, imported by foreign merchants.

The of a boll weevil infestation, led to the decline and 3, civilians employed at both installa- port continues to have a huge impact on the area. Cotton is no tions. Fort for shipping container traffic. The website serves as a one- Savannah, GA military spouse-friendly on its Homefront Busi- stop integrated employment and training service. Online applications An employment agency can offer posts State of Georgia are accepted, and job-interest notifications can ranging from high-level administration to ware- http: Many employers use agencies as http: Search by category, City of Savannah department or location, then apply online.

Marine Cargo 1,, in the state and among the top employers in the City of Hinesville county. Jobs are posted online with benefits information, and applications are available for Company Industry Employment Range download with submission instructions. Target Retail Hinesville, GA For questions or comments, call Source: Georgia Department of Labor Human Resources at Judicious calls display your continued interest.

Writing out beforehand what you want to say helps. Be aware that due to the usually huge num- bers of applicants, most companies are able to follow up only with candidates in whom they are interested. Or visit the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center website for links to local job listings at www. Agencies carelessness and indifference. A company does, and highlight skills, work expe- Georgia Small Business Development Center temp-to-perm arrangement allows the employer rience and education that apply to the position.

The Georgia Small Business Development and prospective employee to evaluate each other Be aware that many employers now accept only Center offers small business resources and before committing to permanent employment. Municipal and regional chambers of com- computers.

Or visit the Georgia Small merce include local employment agencies Maintain a positive, professional and broad- Business Development Center location at The in their member lists, along with contact based presence on social media such as Face- University of Georgia in Savannah at E. See Page 23 for a list of chambers book and LinkedIn; almost all employers search erty St.

When for small businesses to get the services they need descriptions. The service Compile several reference lists with a good want to talk immediately, or the phone may ring now offers personalized information and links variety of people and former business associates. Compose -- on how to start a business, obtain financing, look Be sure to first ask each if you can use them as and rehearse -- your one-minute self- into exporting, expand, find opportunities, learn references.

If a lations and green opportunities. BusinessUSA is no place to ramble. It will introduce you supervisor wants to know why she should hire is especially interested in increasing ownership and your desire to work for the company.

Have you, be ready. Even today, a letter as well as the Alaska Natives. They also serve those who are uninsured office? Instead, the federal income and family size. The Georgia Dental Association website, comfortable with. See the Advertiser Directory in this guide to www. Select "Find Department of Public Health can give you health care centers and health care providers. Click on "Search for a disciplinary action against the doctor?

To tants pop in and out? Did the doctor leave the licensee now" then look for providers by name, find out, check out the Georgia Composite room during your conversation? Did the doctor location and specialty.

That should give you an http: Did the doctor rush through where you might need to go for specialized care. Did the doctor seem relaxed?

Did Personal referrals from friends or other med- ment. Most doctors will take time to meet you feel as though you were the only patient the ical personnel can add to your options. Building potential patients, but you should expect a nom- doctor had to see that day? Treat finding a doctor as seriously as looking for a new job or a new home. When sched- tionship is a long-term commitment, and you provider. Did he or she see you while you are most vulnerable.

Were you left on hold too long? Hinesville and Savannah are served within training and experience. Was the reception area clean and comfortable? Did you have to wait long in the exam major medical centers in Augusta, Georgia, information service at www. VISN 7 serves training in a specialty and passed an exam? When the doctor arrived and the third-largest veteran population in the U.

Check out theAmerican Board of Medical Spe- introduced himself or herself, was it with a and encompasses an area containing VA med- cialties at www. Did the doctor seem rushed or tired? The closest com- The medical center prides itself on continu- Georgia Department of Veteran Service munity outpatient clinic is in Savannah. It enjoys a strong affiliation with the Atlanta, GA The The Department of Veteran Service improves www.

Johnson VA Medical Center active-duty rehab unit, audiology, cardiopulmo- tary and their families by increasing awareness Bee St. Veterans within the state can Combat vet- The Ralph H. For a full list of clinics and health care system for five years from their date more than 15, square miles. The enrollment period VAMC is a authorized-bed tertiary care www. Montgomery Crossroad the case of multiple call-ups, the most recent the highest quality of patient care and services Savannah, GA Veterans, including activated to veterans along the Georgia and South Caro- www.

Go and long-term care in areas of medicine, surgery, E. Saving minutes in a crisis can nephrology, pulmonary and geriatrics. Knowing what services are medical center supports five community-based outpatient clinics in Savannah and Hinesville, Georgia; and Beaufort, Goose Creek and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, as well as an annex in North Charleston. The Downtown division is autho- rized for beds 58 medicine, 37 surgery www. The Uptown divi- sion, about 3 miles away, is authorized for www.

In life-threatening situations, call immediately and follow dispatcher instructions. Miles Parkway Hinesville, GA LE professionals to assure that water is safe, chil- WIS dren have immunizations, restaurants are safe and birth certificates are correct -- to name follows.

For a full list of local health units, their Midtown Clinic just a few. Liberty County Health Department offices. Its website has Savannah, GA Services vary by location. A listing of Eisenhower Drive E.

Knowing whom to Active-duty military families receive a 25 per- City of Savannah: These sites give up-to-date www. Access to background checks, able to you and how to evaluate the child care www. The site also provides helpful information military child covering topics such as military www.

COM finds foster and adoptive homes for abused and for microchips. It is the www. Give cats a post to in need. Your pet may face many outside dangers in Georgia, such as venomous snakes, alligators, armadillos, bats, bears, beavers, coyotes, rats, raccoons, foxes and more. Keep your dog on a short leash in wooded areas, especially if it starts sniffing or pawing the ground.

Avoid allowing your dog to walk around or swim in unknown waters. The area also is home to parasites including fleas, ticks and ear mites. Outdoor pets can bring these pests into the home, posing a risk to humans since they can transmit disease through their bites. The website includes informa- OTO tion about handling nuisance wildlife.

UYP ordinances and laws. A Veterinary Services Veterinary services in Hinesville and Division of Emergency Management communitywide leadership, guidance, sup- Savannah are plentiful; see the Advertiser Nonemergency C nated and comprehensive protection of lives Nonemergency This is accomplished by providing http: This chapter outlines the public In , Georgia, along with 42 other states, may be forced to repeat material or learn at a schools systems in Hinesville and Savannah, the District of Columbia, Guam, American different level at the new school.

There are private schools, Virgin Islands and the Department of Defense reduced -- of particular interest to military charter schools and home schooling available to Education Activity, adopted Common Core State families. At present, national Common Core children in both cities as well. Standards that provide a consistent set of edu- State Standards exist only for English language To be enrolled in a Georgia school, a child cational expectations for students, regardless arts and mathematics, with science and social must be at least 5 years old by Sept.

Those wishing to register their year, though Georgia has state standards across child in school should bring the following to the the full curriculum. For more information, visit school office: Check with the school for additional requirements. For more information or a www. A elementary schools, three middle schools and two high schools. Talk to people in education learning center for grades six through For an introduction to home schooling the area, especially friends and colleagues who 12, a pre-K center and a vocational school.

The in Georgia, visit the Georgia Department already live there. Here you will student-teacher ratios, computer availability, Public School System find information on home-school rules and extracurricular activities, sports programs, Bull St. The Savannah-Chatham County Public www. The district has the coastal Georgia and Lowcountry South Car- new school.

The association currently offers football, basketball, baseball and soccer. Users may search by loca- tion, religious affiliation, school type and more. The Fort Stewart Army Education http: These schools Markwell St.

Use the following contact information http: In addition, school libraries White Bluff Road www. Get information about services, hours Savannah, GA Richmond Hill, GA Law Library E. Georgia Department of Education: Ensures quality educational opportunities for all military children affected by mobility, family separation ES and transition. NYP military family program to get help with more than RM 40 subjects.

Music and local entertainment Market. The fair features free concerts, Coastal Empire Fair in Savannah or the second- livestock shows, a petting zoo and the Reithoffer largest St. And be sure to check out the high-tech attractions.

Mardi Gras Tybee http: Mardi Gras is held on the last day before OFV www. Historic Savannah Theatre Bull St. Every Columbus Day landmark Telfair Academy. In addition to St. Patrick began in swashbuckling festival with live music, a parade the auditorium, the Jepson Center contains a Savannah in , the city had a significant Irish and family-friendly activities.

The schedule also lists locations and times for other events associ- ated with the celebration. Music fans can hop from venue to venue, beer in hand, keeping track of all of their favorite new acts you can drink in the streets here, as long as you stay in the historic district. Visit the website for the list of bands and to purchase tickets. There is no admission charge for the festival. Hours are 10 a. Tuesday through Sat- urday and noon to 5 p. Lucas Theatre for the Arts 32 Abercorn St.

From an Italian Renaissance exterior to the ornate Italianate interior, the 1,seat Lucas Theatre sits majestically at the corner of Reynolds Square. Savannah Philharmonic 30 W. Visit the website for more information. The cemetery is open to the public from 8 a. The museum is open from 10 a. Oglethorpe Highway expressly to enrich the educational milieu of Hinesville, GA Tuesday, ding receptions, reunions, festivals and more. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday; 10 a. Thursday; and noon to 5 p. Hours are 9 a.

Old Liberty County Jail S. After 80 years, it was condemned by the gov- ernor. A new county jail was opened in and the old jail was sold at auction in March to the Liberty County Historical Society, which eventually donated the building to the city of Hinesville.

The jail has been explored by para- normal investigators and is annually used as the site of a popular haunted house sponsored by a local nonprofit. Free tours are available from 10 a. Hours vary; see website for details. Today, the area is a recreational facility that highlights the natural history of this rich floodplain forest while preserving the his- toric relics. Pick up checklists for wildflowers, reptiles and amphibians. Examine the old locks constructed along the banks of the canal.

Watch the skies during spring and summer for Mis- sissippi and swallow-tailed kites, and look for warblers during the spring and fall migrations.

The park, Savannah-Ogeechee Canal Museum taurants, cafes and shops with unusual gifts and open from dawn until dusk daily, offers walking and Nature Center original works of art. This site con- Oglethorpe Mall features four anchor stores Forsyth Park tains remnants of an extensive canal system that and more than restaurants and merchants.

The park covers 30 acres You may carry your sports team loyalties with you, no matter where you go. But you can root, root, root for these of land just south of Gaston Street and north of local favorites too. Check out their official team websites for schedules, venue information, ticket prices and more. Concerts, recreation, sports, Major rivals: New Orleans Saints Park, depending on when you are there.

South Carolina State Bulldogs soms, the garden center is a farmhouse that dates back to the s. Access to all public areas of Local roller derby league the garden is free; however, a small fee may be Savannah Derby Devils: River Street District E. Savannah Mall Abercorn St. There are approximately stores. Bull River Marina U. Highway 80 E Savannah, GA Bull River Marina offers boat rentals, dolphin ecotours, water taxi services, sunset tours, inshore-offshore fishing and more. Golf Georgia has more than golf courses, clubs and schools as well as the Masters Tournament played each year at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta.

The animals are exhibited in large, natural habitats along a rustic trail through forest and marshlands. The Wolf Wilderness exhibit features gray wolves, armadillos, flying squirrels, screech owls and a selection of reptiles. Along the trail are cou- gars, bobcats, bison, alligators, red fox and birds of prey.

Cows, sheep, goats and rabbits can be viewed in the Georgia Farm area. It has been providing high-speed action for the area in many divisions on its half-mile speedway since Savannah Bananas E.

Victory Drive Savannah, GA The Bananas play their home games at Grayson Stadium. Summer Waves Water Park S. Dare to enter the Pirates Passage, an enclosed speed flume that jets riders in dark- ness over three breathtaking humps. Grab a friend and ride down the Force 3 inner tube PHO flume. The park is open SITS seasonally. Located in the Lower Coastal Plain region of the state of Georgia, this seaside area is home to numerous marshes, swamps, low terraces and barrier islands.

Dotted with cute coastal communities, this low-lying region is draped in Spanish moss and lled with towering oak and pine trees. Explore a land of raw natural beauty and discover plenty of outdoor adventures including hiking, kayaking, biking, shing, hunting, birding and much more. Along with coastal scenery, museums, parks and historic sites, this marshy coastal area boasts a distinct ecosystem with a diverse population of birds and wildlife.

Hotel Services and Amenities Escape to the coast of Georgia and nd a relaxing retreat when you stay at our modern hotel. Take advantage of generous free amenities including free Wi-Fi throughout the property, free parking, free local calls, and a free Bright Side Breakfast each morning. Guests love the wide array of hearty and healthy breakfast favorites including hash browns, grits, eggs, waf es, cereals, fresh fruit and much more.

Our Hinesville hotel also features an indoor swimming pool, tness center, business center and Bright Side Market for your convenience. Join us for nightly complimentary drink Monday - Friday, and then relax in your spacious guest room or suite with a 42" at-screen TV with premium cable channels like HBO.

All rooms are equipped with microwaves and refrigerators. Bring along your furry friends at no additional charge, as we are also pet friendly. The most popular attraction in Hinesville is Fort Stewart, a museum and fortress that is the largest military installation in the Eastern United States. Covering , acres, this massive complex has a history dating back before World War II and today can accommodate up to 50, soldiers in training.

You can also visit the Old Liberty County Jail, a prison built in that features modern conveniences including replaces and plumbing. Head to the Cay Creek Wetlands for marshy landscapes and hike or bike along the historic Liberty Trail. Stewart Military Families for over 35 Years!

At Mission Ridge we offer 2 and 3 Bedroom townhomes, conveniently located approximately 1 mile outside Ft. Stewart and minutes from shopping, dining and entertaining. We appreciate our military and offer a Military Clause with a 12 month lease.

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