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❶They always seem to stick like they have a really thin layer of adhesive on them or something.

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Does this appeal to you? Originally I thought it was resealed completely but I found that it was cleverly repackaged rather, meaning that it was simply opened carefully and then literally gently repackaged. Nice forethought to make a cool addition.

Top it off with the custom insert with Robin Blake and the upside down Batman symbol that was recently thought to be a secret symbol for Robin , all done very nicely with superb quality. It shows professional quality of the artist to also include a sticker on the box as a sort of signature of their work, pretty sweet! It also looks like what you could expect from the Mattel Movie Master figures as well. The detail on the mask is great and well applied.

The proportion of the figure looks right too. I began with Mattel figures having a bunch of cool accessories MOTU and to see Mattel not have the same quality of service they once did, hurts to have to still admit to be a fan sometimes.

Alas, this figure takes care of that problem. The cape is made of a soft rubber and is cool but added to the difficultly of balance for posing when worn. I had to use a stand but it worked nonetheless. The two Batarangs are also a nice addition but they do not fit tightly into the hands of our Boy Wonder.

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Main body from movie masters superman, head is a combination of ghostrider johnny blaze and long hair from an old female wrestling figure, cut glued puttied primered and painted The new head is a custom cast Tom Welling from Glassman Customs with some additional sculpting. The hair has been transplanted from my original. Crane's.

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The head needed a lot of sculpting work as well as the body. I started with the head which was a Movie Masters Zod head and sculpted the beard and the hair.

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Custom Movie Masters custom movie masters Here is my attempt at a Movie Masters This is my first vehicle custom on the site I started with the head which was a Movie Masters Zod head and. Custom Movie Masters custom movie masters Made-to-order Badge Design with a Custom Badge Manufacturer. Add the finishing touch to your uniform with custom .

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