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What is a follow-up letter? A follow-up letter is a method that is designed to help re-state to the employer that you are interested in working with their organization. You can use the follow-up letter to tell the employer that you enjoyed the interview, are really excited about the company, and how you could add value to the role. The follow-up letter is also a great way to put your name back in front of the hiring manager. In some instances the interviewer might be busy with other candidates and might not have a chance to reconnect with you.

As with the thank-you letter, the follow-up letter is another vital piece of communicate that is often overlooked — by sending a follow up letter, you can give yourself a further boost against other applicants.

How to write a good follow-up letter? Professional Follow up letter tips The letter should sound polite and formal, but it should also be to the point and easy to read. Always allow the interviewer some time to meet with other candidates and make their decision effectively.

It is suggested that you should send the letter about five to seven business days after the interview. Good hiring decisions often take time! If you pressure the interviewer you may appear impatient — this is not a desirable quality that you want to show to your potential employer. This is why if you need help writing a cover letter or a follow up letter, you should seek the services of CraftResumes! The cover letter focuses on the employer and the future. This is an undeniable truth.

Your cover letter for resume is a first thing recruiters see and it shapes their first impression of you as a specialist. That is why it is vital to do it of the highest quality. If you are one of those who needs cover letter help, then it is time to stop googling and choose craftresumes.

When thinking of job application, one should not forget about the cover letter that must go together with a CV. Writing a cover letter is a very popular service offered by many resume writing services today. However, not all of them pay careful attention to writing it. What is more, not every writer can do it properly. If you are using a LinkedIn profile writing service for example and they create a basic cover letter using a set template or generic phrasing, it will ultimately prove useless.

If the cover letter is going to be generic then you might as well not bother at all. You need a dedicated and skilled company such as CrafResumes to create a cover letter that reflects the role applied for, shows your personality and suits the situation. We carefully select only the real professionals with a diploma from famous universities and colleges all over the world. Each writer passes several stages of testing before he is finally selected.

Only the best survive. Besides, after receiving the draft, you have got plenty of time for asking a revision and sharing your comments.

We work hard on satisfying the needs even of the choosiest customer. If you take a look at our team of dedicated resume professional writers you can see their quality. Have a browse through our writers and check out their reviews and feedback — you can see that all of them have a high rating, and simply glowing references from satisfied customers.

Furthermore, you can actually have a phone or Skype interview with your chosen writer — this will help provide you with reassurance of their quality. Furthermore, they will use this time to gain important information to allow them to write your cover letter and other application documents to the highest possible standard.

Aside from our team of professional writers, you can also benefit from a smooth process from your initial application, right through to receiving your resume, cover letter and any other documentation.

First you must fill out a questionnaire to provide us with the information we need. Next you will complete an interview with one of our writers to help clarify your goals and aims. Finally, you can request any changes to be made within 4 days and receive your final draft ready for submission! We have created special discount packages that are oriented for definite purposes. If you have just graduated from a university, you can select our Resume Start package, which is great for those who have some essential skills, but almost no or little working experience.

And, of course, Resume Executive, for professionals with more than 10 years of experience. Buying resume plus a cover letter from craftresumes. These three different levels of service provide you with great flexibility and allow anyone to gain a professionally written resume and cover letter. A C-level professional should be ready to demonstrate their impact on their resume and other documents they provide. Our writers will delve into your story and will present it in the most advantageous way.

We will word your achievements and impact in the concise and persuasive way. We are always looking for creative and professional writers with expertise in different industries to provide high-quality quality services to our clients.

Home Cover Letter writing. Cover Letter writing services to jump-start your job seach. Increase your chances to get hired by writing a cover letter We believe that the cover letter is an underrated instrument, as it offers a possibility to demonstrate your interest, story and motivation.

How the Cover Letter Service Works. Fill in the order form. We keep all the data encrypted. Your dedicated writer from our team will contact you shortly after. Upload your current resume. If you do not have one, we will ask you a series of questions about your career information and experience. Tell us about yourself. Your writer will use their expertise and work with you to create a professional looking resume that tells your story.

Our writer will send the first draft to you in PDF via e-mail. The final version will be provided in Microsoft Document format. Cover Letter Writing Services for Different Experience Levels Entry Level Entry level writing service concerns recent graduates, or people entering the workforce for the first time.

Professional Level Professional level writing is the service which is the best for the candidates having more than 2 years of experience but not occupying an executive level position. Executive Level Executive level writing concerns senior management positions and often requires additional research. The most successful cover letter is a targeted cover letter.

We will ask you to provide a link to a certain position so that we can write a cover letter specifically for your position. Our writers have experience in various industries. This also includes military transition and career change cover letters.

The writer will use their experience to highlight the relevant expertise and skills. Direct contact with your writer via email.

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