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❶To build a stand-out resume, get a mix of academic experiences.

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Know that anything you list on the resume is likely to generate detailed questions. Be prepared to fully discuss any experience you include on the resume. Discussing your interests allows an employer to know you better and builds important rapport. Emphasize Pro Bono Research Group and PILF activities, community service, or evidence of your experience with a client base public interest employers serve. However, you may be questioned about anything you put on your resume.

If you are a member of an organization that may be controversial or that may lead to questions which can be interpreted as discriminatory, you may not wish to include it on your resume.

See Equal Opportunity Interviewing. Law professors, undergraduate professors, and prior employers are appropriate references; relatives and friends are not.

Be sure to get prior approval before listing a person as a reference. It is a good idea to provide your references with a current copy of your resume so they can refer to it if called. The following mechanics enhance readability:. Although the traditional view is that resumes should be one page, a reader-friendly, two-page resume is preferable to a crammed, hard-to-read single page.

If you choose to have a two-page resume, type your full name in the top left hand corner of page two with the page number directly beneath it.

Do not print on the back of pages. Revisit your agenda of what you want the interviewer to know about you at the end of the interview. Develop concrete examples and concise stories you can use during the interview to demonstrate your skills.

If, for example, one of your top strengths is adaptability, you might have listed on the resume a job in which you handled multiple work projects simultaneously. Think strategically and utilize the expertise of the Moritz career counselors to make sure your resume is working effectively to showcase your strengths.

We look forward to working with you to develop a resume that gets results. Watch videos of hiring attorneys discussing resumes:. Resumes Legal Resumes that Get Results A resume has one purpose — to motivate an employer to invite you to interview.

A successful legal resume: Concisely outlines your academic and employment background; and Demonstrates the fit between what you want and what the employer needs. Self Assessment Begin resume preparation with an inventory of your unique strengths. The list should include: Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Experience: Volunteer and Pro Bono Experiences: What Legal Employers Value As you analyze your strengths, keep in mind those qualities legal employers seek in candidates.

Involvement Participating in student or community groups is a great way to gain experience and meet people within the legal profession. Develop an Agenda Before you put a single word on paper, develop an agenda of the top three things you want an employer to know about you at the end of the interview. Emphasize duties transferable to the practice of law and, when possible, use the CAR approach: The following mechanics enhance readability: Do not use personal pronouns on your resume, i.

White space and a Make absolutely sure you have no typographical errors or misspelled words on your resume. Use boldface , underlining or italics for emphasis. Finishing Touches Revisit your agenda of what you want the interviewer to know about you at the end of the interview. Watch videos of hiring attorneys discussing resumes: Ultimately, while more compensation is very important when upgrading within a company, be sure that you receive the most complete package available based upon the all the factors that are important to you.

Evaluate the offer in hand on its own merits. Would you accept it based on the responsibilities, career growth, salary and benefits? It is a decision you should make apart from a possible offer that may or may not come. However, it is perfectly acceptable to contact the pending company to let them know that you have received an offer.

Ask them where they are in the process and if you are still a serious candidate. Most employers will be candid with you if you mention that you have a decision to make. It may even speed up the hiring process if they do not want to lose you as their top candidate. One way or another, be ready for the answer and keep your job search campaign moving forward. When you are staring any new job, the first year goes a long way in setting the table for all things to come.

One of the most important and critical things you can do is be on time. Whether you are 15 minutes late or an hour late, nothing can stain your image with both your boss and your colleagues more than strolling in late. Learning the company culture is equally important and is something that can actually begin while interviewing. Pay attention to how people interact as every company has its own style, way of completing tasks and communicating.

What are the written and unwritten rules? Learn the expectations of your boss, your colleagues and how best you can achieve the goals of the organization. Be proactive by making yourself available for special projects, events and duties. Career advising options Initial Intake Appointment: No Cost Single Appointment: Advising appointments must occur within a six month period from date of purchase.

Advising fees are non-refundable. To purchase a package, please call What is the best way to work a career fair to benefit my job search? Recently I was told I will be receiving a promotion with my company. The new position will include both new and existing duties. How do I go about negotiating my salary and other perks for my new role? I am currently in job search and received an offer. While it is a good offer, I am waiting to hear from another company where I had a final interview just days ago.

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A resume is an opportunity to express yourself in a documented format. It should include a summary of your personal, educational, and experiential qualifications. Together with a cover letter, the main purposes are to introduce yourself to a prospective employer and .

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Resumes and cover letters In your resume and cover letter, provide an honest and accurate record of your accomplishments and qualifications. The content of a resume and cover letter must be supported by facts and defended during the interviewing process.

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Resume builders. To build a stand-out resume, get a mix of academic experiences. At Ohio State, this is where things get interesting. The Writing Center offers free help with writing at any stage of the writing process for any member of the university community. During our sessions, consultants can work with you on anything from research papers to lab reports, from dissertations to résumés, from proposals to application materials.

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Interviewing Skills. The purpose of an interview is to get the job that you want. Before the interview it is suggested that you research your prospective employer (e.g. products, services, job description, history etc), prepare yourself (e.g. dress appropriately, review your resume, accomplishments, problems areas, gather pertinent materials such as extra copies of your resume, work samples. Legal Resumes that Get Results A resume has one purpose – to motivate an employer to invite you to interview. Consequently, a legal resume is more than a biographical sketch. It is a marketing document designed to show the fit between your credentials and an employer’s needs.