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❶With the emergence of Herod the Great, this sect changed its theology, and used scripture to fashion a militant Davidic messiah, who was envisaged as a righteous counterpart to the Jewish and Roman rulers he was to destroy. Plant Materials Program Manager.

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We have 2 and 3 year old girls who are home, along with a 9, 11, and 14 year old who require very little. We are wanting babysitting for bimonthly date nights as w Nanny to watch kids MWF. Need before and after school availability Someone to talk to,run to store and maybe occasional doctor appointment.

Also likes to go to casino once a month. Very friendly woman she lonely as her husband has already passed away.

Uloop makes it easy to find an on-campus babysitting job or an off-campus babysitting gig. It also explores Josephus, whose life is intertwined with the Hasmoneans through a common ancestry and his historical accounts of their rule. This book has three basic purposes: This study differs from all previous books on the Hasmonean period because it is the only work to use the full array of extant data to reconstruct the relationships between the Hasmonean state and the rulers of the Seleucid and the Ptolemaic Empires, the Itureans, the Nabateans, the Parthians, the Armenians, the Cappadocians, and the Roman Republic.

It accomplishes this through the use of a variety of previously unused sources, including papyrological documentation, inscriptions, archaeological evidence, numismatics, Dead Sea Scrolls, pseudepigrapha, and textual sources from the Hellenistic to the Byzantine periods. The book includes reconstructions of several previously unknown historical events that shaped the reigns of the Hasmoneans and their faith, and which helped them create an independent state.

Several excursuses explore topics of relevance to the Hasmonean state including: As the ruler of Judea from 76 to 67 B. Virtually unknown today, Queen Salome remained so unique that historians have largely ignored her rather than try to explain the perplexing circumstances that brought her to power.

I Cried to the Lord: This study examines the date of composition, the social setting, the provenance, and the religiou The book is divided into two major historical units: Pompeian and pre-Pompeian era Psalms of Solomon.

A separate chapter examines the remaining Psalms of which the precise historical backgrounds are uncertain. All chapters include a translation of the psalm under examination, textual notes, and a discussion of all the characters mentioned in the text. An Intertextual Study of the Psalms of Solomon. This is the first English study of the Psalms of Solomon in over a century.

They were composed be They were composed between BCE as a series of reflections on the violence that accompanied the Roman dominance of Palestine. Faced with overwhelming foreign aggression, this unknown Jerusalem synagogue community used poetry as a vehicle to oppose the Romans and their Jewish allies. With the emergence of Herod the Great, this sect changed its theology, and used scripture to fashion a militant Davidic messiah, who was envisaged as a righteous counterpart to the Jewish and Roman rulers he was to destroy.

In one of its most cited passages, the writer invokes the Wilderness experience through a quotation from Isaiah In this study I would like to explore the use of the wilderness experience for the Qumran community by focusing on their scriptural interpretations of this foundational event. In the process, I would like to raise more questions than answers by challenging much of the traditional consensus concerning scriptural interpretation at Qumran in light of a recently published archaeological finding that calls into question nearly everything we thought we knew about these texts and their authors.

Qumran Chronicle 24 Through the use of historical and numismatic data unavailable to Josephus, this study examines the background of the Seleucid rulers to explain why their struggle was important for understanding Hasmonean history. For Josephus, this conflict was important since the fraternal civil war between these rulers led to the dissolution of the Seleucid Empire and its takeover by the Romans: The Case for Hyrcanus II. John Collins at Seventy. Brill, , This volume, a tribute to John J.

Collins by his friends, colleagues, and students, includes essa The contributions deal with issues of text and interpretation, history and historiography, philology and archaeology, and more. Follow Add a Review. Recommended for University of Northern Iowa applicants. City, State or Zip. All Results Last 7 Days. Director- College of Education Student Advising. Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare Jobs. University of Iowa Jobs.

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Learn the tricks of the trade through a flexible program university of northern iowa resume help designed for busy adults and stand out by adding nationally-recognized university training to your resume State University and I possess a common vision. The Iowa Economic Development Authority board approved a $ million Strategic Infrastructure Program grant to UNI’s Metal Casting Center. Over the past four years, the Additive Manufacturing Center facility, located at TechWorks Campus in Waterloo, has expanded its large-format sand printing services to include a student engineering center, polymer printing lab and a robotic mold machining.

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The University of Northern Iowa Alumni Association wants to continue to be a part of your professional development. With an alumni base of almost , strong you will find Panthers in almost every city across the United States. Part-time work will keep your skills current and will help fill in gaps on your resume while getting your foot. Check out University Of Northern Iowa Accountants's Resume. This is an example of a Accounting And Finance Resume based in Marion, IA - One of hundreds of thousands of resume samples.