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Targeted Resume Writing Tips

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❶This information should be placed at the top of the page. Combination resume The combination or hybrid resume is a mixture of the chronological resume and the functional resume.


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You can be answering a job listing or sending a resume directly to a referral within a company. As in all resumes you need to optimize keywords, phrases and power verbs for the position; but with a company targeted resume you also need to incorporate the company within your resume and cover letter. At Career Thinker we will research the company to get an understanding of their culture, philosophy, values and mission so we can chose the best keywords and phrases to effectively market you to the company and not just the needs of the position.

Different Job Position Target We will take your current Career Thinker resume and re-craft it to target another position you are seeking within your career path; i. Different Industry Target This is a very common situation where you like and enjoy your current position, but you dislike the industry.

Different Career Path You currently have an established career history, but you also have a desire to seek out a career on a different path. Different Company Target This is where you are not changing your career, industry or position but have a desire to work for a specific company. Do you honestly think they will make the effort? It is always in your best interest to focus your resume as a properly targeted resume will generate a much higher response rate. At this point, you are probably thinking what the majority of the clients we work with to provide resume writing services tell us—you are interested in different types of jobs and so it is essential you have a general resume.

Otherwise, how will you be able to apply for all the different types of positions. The solution, in most cases, is as simple as creating multiple versions of your resume, each targeting a different focus area.

As an example, look at these four resumes that we created for one of our clients: Samantha had a very varied and diverse employment history when she came to us, supplemented by lots of volunteer work, international mission work, and two not-quite-finished college degrees. She was ready to get herself on a career track, and she had come to us with this goal in mind.

However, like many people she was qualified for an interested in a variety of positions. After a lot of consultation, we were able to narrow these interests down to four major categories:. If, like most people using this type of resume, your intention is to emphasize your skills, the education and work history sections will be quite brief, listing only degrees and dates, and employers, locations, and dates, respectively.

When looking at our combination resume example , remember this format is highly flexible, so resumes may look quite different depending on the section emphasized.

If you are applying for a specific job, however, you should consider the targeted resume. Targeted resumes are customized for specific jobs. These are useful in cases where you are responding to a job posting and are familiar with the specific responsibilities of a position. While they are much more work than a general resume or a general cover letter , which you would send to multiple employers, targeted resumes can be well worth the effort, especially if you feel you are a perfect match for the job.

You may use a chronological, functional, or combination resume format , which includes sections on personal information, qualifications, experience, and education. Of course, both of these choices should be accompanied by a specific and properly formatted cover letter , showing the HR professional at your target company why you would be great at the job. Highlight your skills and experience, and explain how these match the job in question.

Mini resumes are just what they sound like—shortened resumes. They are essentially a summary of your full resume that can be used for various purposes. You should have one ready for prospective employers, upon request, and for networking. They are often printed on the back of a standard business card, with your contact information on the front.

Regardless of what resume you use, make sure your formatting is consistent and your grammar and spelling are impeccable—make the best first impression possible. If you are unsure about your resume, no matter the form, our resume editing can help! This is meant to highlight how a combination resume may be formatted.

Clinching an interview is vital when it comes to finding employment, so why take a risk? Your formal resume is a summary of your education and job experience. It is the all-important document that will be your first impression to a prospective employer. Resume fraud is obviously unacceptable.

Different Job Position Target

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The following is an example of a targeted highlights the experience and skills relevant to the job for which the person is applying. Also, review these tips for how to write a targeted resume to match your qualifications to a job.. Targeted Resume Example.

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Sample Help Wanted Ad with Targeted Resume The following is an example of a job posting, along with a sample resume written specifically to apply for that position. You can see how the resume writer made sure that her highlighted skills are exactly what the employer is seeking.

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A targeted resume (customized resumes) gets interviews and gets jobs. But how do you create a targeted resume? Targeted resumes (customized resumes) get interviews and get jobs. Would you use the same resume to apply for both a teaching position and an office job? Then, Volunteering, Military Service details, Honors, and Certifications. A targeted resume convinces the reader your work will benefit a specific employer and that you should be among the candidates invited in for a closer look. A targeted resume is a job search marketing tool that.

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Targeted Resume Writing Tips A targeted resume is one that is written in a way that highlights skills and accomplishments that relate directly to the job you are applying for. It is a bit more time-consuming to write than a general resume, and may seem a . 2nd Targeted Resume. You have already invested in YOU with your purchase of a professional resume from Career Thinker, but you also have aspirations to search out other career options and target more opportunities that are different from your current resume .