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Students often ask whether or not they should send thank-you letters to employers as follow-ups to their in-office interviews.

Doing so is certainly a thoughtful thing to do and can serve to reaffirm your strong interest in an employer. A poorly written or stilted thank-you letter, however, can sometimes prove more hurtful than helpful to your prospects of securing a position.

Many employers, especially smaller firms, appreciate a thank-you letter, viewing it as a courtesy as well as an indication of interest. For large firms with recruiting coordinators, a short thank-you note after a call-back interview to the recruiting coordinator you met thanking him or her for arranging the interviews and reiterating your interest in the firm is nice; this note could be e-mailed.

If you forget the names of the people with whom you interviewed, call the recruiting coordinator; an even better course is to ask for the business card of the person at the end of each interview. The Office of Career Services has a handout on writing thank you letters available for download and a quick tips handout. Thank You Letters Students often ask whether or not they should send thank-you letters to employers as follow-ups to their in-office interviews.

Contact Career Services fax Monday — Thursday, 9 a. After-hours counseling available by appointment. Remember that the responsibility to follow-up falls on your shoulders. While hiring someone is important to the organization, the hiring process can easily get bogged down, and it is up to you to jump start it again. E-mail is an excellent way to make contact with individuals in a quick and noninvasive manner, but a phone call may be the best way to make contact--each situation can be different.

The Office of Student Services recommends following up one week after submitting your application materials and then again every weeks depending on the type of response you receive until you know your status. Persistence can easily become annoying, though, so be careful not to cross the line to nagging the employer. Having successfully navigated the application process, now your attention turns to preparing for and successfully completing the interview s. Individual mock interviews and additional interview information can be scheduled and obtained through the Student Services Office by emailing mupton tamu.

The following links may be helpful in researching appropriate salary ranges and in successfully negotiating your salary and benefits package.

No one will hand you a network of contacts Home Career Services Career Search. Career Search Information Conducting a successful job search is about finding a job in the area you are interested in, not necessarily being the first to find a job! Building Your Skills Portfolio Having a knowledge of the specific skills also referred to as Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities, or KSAs you bring to the workplace will allow you to apply for positions you are truly qualified for.

Examples of typical public sector KSAs can be found here. Preparing Your Resume Now that you have prepared a Skills Portfolio, the Resume Guide below provides guidance for preparing your resume by describing your skills. Some tips to remember are these: Tailor your cover letter to the specific job you are applying for. Hiring managers can spot a template a mile away and will often overlook your letter if it looks like a form letter Always, always, always send a cover letter when applying for a job.

We invite you to go attend this one hour workshop with one of our knowledgeable staff members - it will take approximately an hour of your time - and will give you all the tools to begin or continue developing an effective resume to use in your job search. If you are unable to attend a workshop at these times, we have information available on-line to help you develop your resume.

Although this is long, you are strongly encouraged to read each page thoroughly - there is a lot of useful information here! Go to the Online Resume Workshop. Career Services hosts minute walk-in resume reviews every Tuesday and Wednesday from If the university is closed, we will not host in-person reviews.

Beginning Monday, August 28, our review times will change! Drop-in reviews will be offered Tuesday and Wednesday between No appointment is necessary, you will be assisted on a first come, first served basis. To be eligible for this one-on-one assistance, you must have attended a resume workshop in our office, gone through our online workshop or been in a class where one of our staff members presented a resume workshop.

You can also submit your resume electronically for review here. Note that it can take up to 5 working days to receive your feedback this way. If you have not yet attended a resume workshop but would like someone to review your resume, you can upload your resume and request a review this way. Note that it is highly possible that the reviewer will recommend you attend a workshop if they determine that your resume needs a lot of work.

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