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❶Brian publicly alluded to the events numerous times but would not discuss them in detail, for reasons of self-preservation.

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Here are some reasons why: They were fed up with the unfair taxes. The people were being taxed a lot due to the fact that England was in major debt because of the French and Indian War. Since England protected the colonies, they decided that they should pay for it. They thought that their rights were being ignored. Some colonists believed that they were not being represented properly in the British Parliament.

The increase in British soldiers in the colonies. Since there was unrest in the colonies, King George sent soldiers over to calm things down. I do not consider it a massacre but murders instead. The colonists were getting fired up at this point because the British soldiers murdered 5 colonists in cold blood. Paul Revere put a picture he made himself of the incident in newspapers, which made the British soldiers look even more evil and cruel.

The picture is in the references. Boston Harbor was closed. This was a main port for the colonists, and people began to starve. Not many people know this, but the other colonies pitched in and sent food and supplies to the starving Bostonians.

At this point, all of the colonists had something to fight for. Begin typing the name of a book or author: Popular Questions What were some types of colonial protest against the British between 3 educator answers What were the goals and ideals of the American Revolution?

In retrospect, I should have declined the invitation. I was an emotional wreck. I was unemployed, so I had a front-row seat for it. In June , several of us founded NEM. My most pleasant memory of Brian was the day after our first board meeting, when Brian invited me to his house to relax. He rented a house that had the Yuba River literally in his back yard. Brian was a fun-loving person who possessed a gentle, sometimes childlike, humor.

Brian began opening up more that day, and we had some intimate personal conversations. There is a great deal about my journey that I cannot publicly reveal at this time, but we shared plenty. During our conversation, Brian sadly spoke of his dismay that a close relative was a Rush Limbaugh fan. Virtually every progressive American pal that I have has at least one relative who is a Rush Limbaugh or Fox News fan. It comes with being an American. Brian also ta lked about his substance abuse issues, which also comes with this territory.

I was forced into drinking early in my career and wrestled with the bottle for 20 years. Brian only quit alcohol a couple of years before he died, and an ayahuasca ceremony precipitated his second heart attack.

Anybody on this path for long knows quite well the urge to deaden the pain, however briefly. Being aware on this planet is no easy task. For some, their respite is accompanied by drugs; for others it is comfort food, for others it is TV, religion, sex, meditation, nature, fasting, etc. Most of my career has been working at high-stress jobs in which the tohour workweek is normal, and it was no exception when I resumed my career.

But, I was the only NEM board member who had really been through the free energy meat grinder. I saw the organization heading to painful places where I had already been, and I did not want to see that territory again, not when it could be avoided. At a bo ard meeting on May 8, , we began planning what became our conference in Portland in September. On one hand, I began wanting out of NEM, but on the other, I was the only board member with a well-paying job.

Most of the NEM board knew Eugene Mallove , and he was the first person who committed to speaking at the conference, and Brian later said that he intended for Mallove to be the keynote speaker.

As I began buying professional assistance for NEM, the next week we had some technical issues with the help that I brought in. I was working hour days at the office and coming home to try to get things straightened out at NEM.

Some was understandable, but some seemed a little over the top. By Friday evening, I had calmed the waters. On May 14, , at 9: Thanks for hanging in there. We all heard about his murder the next morning. Brian figured that he was next. Those were terrible times for some of us, but throughout it, I always loved to hear Brian talk and write about free energy and related issues.

Many of his talks can be seen on YouTube, for instance. I have yet to meet anybody whose perspective was closer to mine. I also watched Brian weather personal attacks, and he did it with a generosity of spirit that I have often seen Dennis display toward his innumerable assailants.

Some of my Internet stalkers are probably professionals, and Brian was treated similarly. In his last years, we traded stalker notes. Brian had a high-profile stalker that dogged him when he spoke at conferences, and one was coming up that the stalker would attend.

Brian was not looking forward to the experience, but accepted it as coming with the territory. It is well known that the CIA and other agencies send agents to New Science gatherings they have to identify their employment status when asked, and they do, and some gatherings made that a practice and identified numerous federal agents that way , but they are not the wet-work spooks that people need to be wary of. Brian also had personal idiosyncrasies that all of us can lay claim to, but they were harmless, such as his Lapis Pig activities.

The original Lapis Pig was only a couple of inches long and kept next to his kitchen sink, but during one of our board meetings, Brian took out his puppet version of Lapis Pig and made some cute capitalist comments.

Brian kind of lived in a semi-self-imposed exile, although he built a center with Meredith to host gatherings. It also stretched his Social Security check further. Brian remarked in his last years that every time he visited the USA, it seemed to become crazier and harsher, and I will not disagree with his assessment. Brian ceased active involvement with NEM in what became a controversy; he felt deposed and exiled, others felt differently, and I steered clear of the issue.

Similarly to how I saw Dennis act, such as when he was behind bars , Brian grew where he was planted, and before long, he was trying to stir things up in Ecuador , such as saving the rain forests, stopping the oil companies, and promoting free energy , and he kept globetrotting. When the Portland conference finished, I quit NEM and became very quiet on the free energy front for years. I was delivered an invitation to the White House a couple of years after I quit NEM, which I instantly declined, but it brought my midlife crisis to a head.

I then received professional help, and by late the dawn was beginning to break, after seven years of nearly unceasing emotional agony. I wrote little during those years. In late and early , I slowly began to engage the public once again. I wrote this essay in the summer of , largely in response to invitations from progressives. During those days, Brian asked me to write his NASA biography and revise his Wikipedia biography , which was abysmal before I rewrote it.

Brian had heavy input to those biographies. Before I began working on his biographies, Brian asked me to do other things, such as join a free energy effort with some scientists and inventors.

I declined that invitation, but helped Brian write a proposal for the Department of Energy. I did not entirely escape the economic mayhem that I predicted , and my landlord lost his job at Microsoft and evicted me to sell the house, just as Brian asked me to help write that DOE proposal. I will always have semi-fond memories of writing my parts of that proposal as I was literally packing boxes for my hasty move. A couple of months earlier, I began to write a letter to Brian on what I learned during my journey.

The public version of that letter is my lessons learned essay. I did not complete it for nearly a year. Brian wanted to write an essay with me about the darkness.

In the epilogue of The Energy Solution Revolution , Brian reproduced an email that I wrote to him partly about that subject, which is reproduced at this footnote. Soo n after his heart attack, Brian knew the end was near, and taped a presentation which inspired me to write a preview to my upcoming energy essay. Brian was very frail near the end of his life, which was obvious to anyone who saw him.

In 20 11, I did several interviews , and in the last few months of his life, Brian and I did some interviews with David Gibbons , one of which Jeane Manning also joined. Brian invited me to what became the last conference that he hosted at his home. I am not nearly the world traveler that Brian was; I have not been more than a few miles from the USA since , and I took my mother for her last trip to her childhood home instead.

In the last private email that I received from Brian, the day before his last public blog post , he was planning to promote my plan to mount a free energy effort with a chance of success without risking lives. Will I regret not making that trip to Vilcabamba? I will likely see Brian soon enough on the other side. The night that Brian died, some of us were trying to get an alternative cancer treatment sent to him.

Because there has been some controversy over his death, I am producing a portion of the last email that Brian wrote, at this footnote.

Brian knew that his days on Earth were ending especially after his heart attack in late , and wanted to make them count. During my years in the free energy trenches and while playing less demanding roles, I met many pretenders and few contenders. They broke the mold with Dennis and I never met anybody quite like Brian. Together, such people can help manifest a world that can look a lot like Heaven on Earth.

He devoted his life to it, and that is quite a legacy to leave us. What will we do with it? See also his The Energy Solution Revolution , p. Allen and Karl G. The control strawberries and tomatoes would rot in days or a week, while the treated specimens slowly desiccated, lasting nearly ten times longer than the control specimens, and they never really rotted, but eventually turned into mummies.

You can hear Brian talk about it in his interview with Scott Jordan and Tom Theofanous, at this link he discusses it in part two. In his last years, Brian talked about a BBC project that was canceled. When I left Ventura in , with my world turned upside down , I began studying numerous fringe topics, from the alternative media to non-mainstream history to alternative medicine. I soon obtained an obscure book titled Moongate. The book gave me plenty to think about.

Then I slowly became aware of a small group of people who argued that the moon landings were faked. Then in , Bennett and Percy published Dark Moon. Between late and early , I was on a full-time consulting engagement, so I did not perform much research and writing on my site during that period, but in February I decided to dig into the faked moon landings business. I was a little resentful that I was being dragged into the issue.

I was open to the idea that the moon landings were faked, but my initial interest was in what might have been covered up. The faked moon landings argument was at the far end of the spectrum on the moon landings controversies, but I felt that I had little choice but to find out what I could. Did We Land on the Moon? That Fox show had Brian on for about ten seconds, stating that it was conceivable that the astronauts did not land on the moon, or maybe some of Apollo lunar footage was faked for public relations purposes.

There I was, barraged by faked moon landings allegations, and there was Brian, on TV, saying that it was possible that the moon landings were faked.

That can be a perilous way to perform research, especially for an amateur. For a few days, I thought that I found something worth looking into , and I even had a couple-hour phone call with Bart.

A couple of days later, I thought that I was mistaken and let Bart know it. Bart was undeterred, but Bart also suffered through some suppression events when somebody thought that he had something worth suppressing. We really did not have much worth stealing, but if they think you do, it will be stolen anyway. Something like that happened to Bart, so he will likely never believe that he did not find the smoking gun of faked moon landings.

My initial Apollo conclusion was that nothing that I saw the moon hoax crowd present was convincing evidence of faking the moon landings, and I discussed the various lines of evidence that I examined.

In some areas I had nagging doubts, and they were doubts that went all the way back to Moongate ; one was the fact that, before the Apollo landings, all manner of athletic feat was predicted on the moon in the one-sixth the gravity of Earth, but the public never saw those feats.

During those days, Internet debates regarding the moon landings seemed to all be flame wars , and few people simply dealt with the evidence, but used it to further political causes.

Jay Windley was the pound gorilla of the Apollo moon landings evidence. I lamented that it would have been nice to see that leap, and Jay replied that it might be visible in the Apollo 11 footage. I looked, and it was. That was one of the more satisfying moments of my researches into such subject matter. Seeing that obscure footage removed about In the end, those months were not wasted, but comprised an invaluable education for looking into such issues.

Ever since , I have been regularly approached by all manner of petitioner as they make their cases for faked moon landings. Nobody has adduced compelling evidence yet. Like me, he did not make it a point to collect such stories; hearing them just comes with the territory. A few days after the conference, Brian moved to South America and spent the rest of his life there. Soon after I quit, and there were other agonies inflicted on me, some moments of emotional pain nearly drove me to my knees.

I clearly recall during one of those episodes thinking that what I was feeling was too intense to be natural, almost as if I was on some drug. I had some brief interactions with Mallove in late and I read some of his work. He could be rather pugnacious, and one account that I read of his murder stated that he uttered an unflattering epithet during the escalating situation that led to his death.

One thing is certain: When Brian asked me to do it, it seemed to me to be more of his self-admitted co-dependence with Washington, D. Not many Americans have failed to imbibe their fair share of the American flavor of nationalistic Kool-Aid. I have never been to Washington, D. How can the scientists, environmentalists and progressives continue to be oblivious to the fact that we have already hit the iceberg and we need to do something very quickly to man the available lifeboats with consideration for everyone?

Wade Frazier wrote to me:. Nobody has cracked that nut, yet. There are at least a few reasons for this: They do not understand spirituality. They project their understanding onto others, thinking that everybody shares their perspective and motivation.

There is a spiritual dark path, and people walk it, and many of them are in positions of power. When we tell lies, our conscience, to one degree or another, kicks in and makes us uneasy, and we usually try to do better next time.

Being in denial of the lies is one of our defense mechanisms, but at one level or another, we are aware of the lies, and it does not make us feel good the main reason for the denial.

For a dark path person, telling lies and getting away with it is a triumph. The more people that are duped by them, the larger the victory. They have a different scorecard than the rest of us.

Not understanding that they are different allows people to deny that they exist. They are wedded to the structuralism of the Chomskies and scientists of the world. Science is obsessed with finding the mechanism, and completely ignores that maybe something or someone designed those mechanisms that they are so keen to discover and describe. They study Creation, and deny that there may be a Creator.

I am not into matters of faith, but materialism is a faith, too. Science is a religion for most scientists, and it has its same heretic-punishment, defenses of the faith and other aspects of organized religion. Very few have sufficient personal integrity to investigate and accept the issue, and experience is the greatest teacher , and until they actually have some experience of how the system really works, it all sounds like another theory to them.

As I emphasize over and over, the path to our salvation is not taking on the dark path folks who we gave our power away to.

It is taking back our power, and doing it gently. Love is the answer, and always has been. Now, I will allow that it is very possible that we are here to play this game of giving our power away and being screwed over by those we gave it to.

Many bodies of mystical material allude to it. It may be that we are about to finally learn the lessons that we came here for, and just in the nick of time, because we are about to destroy humanity and the planet, through our many failings, with the many ways that we allow fear to manifest being chief among them.

So, that is a tough conundrum. One of the most amazing things is truly understanding how deeply the fear and denial are rooted in They do not want to understand. Their hearts are not open, so consequently, their minds are not. You can lead a horse to water, and all that. Part of the problem is also having tunnel vision. For those who want to understand, it is possible to do so, but they have to want to understand, which very few really want to, because the implications are either overwhelming or their souls want to keep playing the victim and learning the lessons of fear, so they flee from the implications.

The more sophisticated of us act like they are giving work like mine a fair hearing, but it is just a game that their egos play. Until people have their own personal encounters with those kinds of people, in a way that their motivation becomes crystal clear, they will tend to not believe the motivation behind what is happening… I think that people have to have personal experience with those kinds of people taking their masks off, to really "get it.

This is one of the key parts of the conundrum, and one of the hardest to understand. In other words, it seems most all of us need to have the experience of facing the darkness before we can see the dawn. There seem to be no easy pathways to achieving this kind of sentience.

The darkness is really there, and to deny it and not assign responsibility to those who are suppressing a bright future is not taking our own responsibility to re-choreograph our future. To embrace the possibility of an energy solution revolution is a mandate , not a speculation.

To thread the needle of free energy, a critical mass of us, combined in positive intention, will need to muster the courage with open hearts and take this firewalk--together.

That may well be the central mystical theme of the crossroads we now face. Again, Wade Frazier… [end of passage — Ed. He died less than a week after he wrote it. I am also well aware that the prominent accounts have him dying on July 28, when it was the morning of the 29 th. I am still working to rectify that issue.


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