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❶Chinese has four different tones:

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Decide how the book club will be run Will you have a leader? Will the same person be in charge for each meeting, or will you rotate leaders? Some groups bring in an outside "expert" who may need to be paid. Do you want the leader to give a brief biography of the author and a selection of reviews of the book under discussion? Choosing the books to discuss Choosing what books to read is one of the hardest, most enjoyable, frustrating, and important activities the group will undertake.

Members of the group should be prepared to compromise and to read outside their regular areas of interest. Go with the majority opinion, but remind people that there can be a big difference between "a good read" and "a good book for a discussion. Choose books well in advance at least three months. People often ask what qualities make a book a good candidate for book discussion.

Probably the most important criteria are that the book be well written, have an interesting plot and three-dimensional characters. These books can be read more than once, and each time the reader learns something new. The very best books are those that insinuate themselves into your experience: They reveal an important truth or provide a profound sense of kinship between reader and writer.

The Dictionary of Literary Biography gives biographical and critical material. These resources are probably available at your local library. The Internet is often another good source for reviews of the book and biographical information about the author. A good discussion depends in large part on the skills we develop as participants.

Group discussion is like a conversation; everyone takes part in it. Each speaker responds to what the person before him said. Nobody prepares speeches; there should be a spontaneous exchange of ideas and opinions. The discussion is your chance to say what you think. Listen thoughtfully to others!

Remember, there are several points of view possible on every question. Share the discussion with others. Speak for only a few minutes at a time. Make your point in as a few words as possible. Be ready to let someone else speak. A good discussion keeps everyone in the conversation. Share your viewpoint and experience! No one covers what is happening in our community better than we do. Homework resources includes online homework help where students can access a live online tutor and digitized resources like biography in context, Britannica library, and opposing viewpoints in context.

Online homework help empowers students to submit research papers for review to live tutors. All that is required is a hour window to allow time for tutors to edit. Saarinen and Smith also shared with students how to spot fake news and identify reliable resources. With the help of Pronunciator, Waltz has improved his mastery of Mandarin Chinese. Chinese has four different tones: Mandarin does both downwards and upwards.

There are still challenges, but the tool really comes in handy doing the homework objectives. I understand the sentence structure better, and I can apply that to the homework assignment. Pronunciator provides self-guided courses for approximately 80 languages. Courses are tailored for early learners, young learners and adult learners. Languages are broken up into basic, intermediate and advanced levels. If one is traveling, an eight-week travel course can get them started for their trip.

Waltz said his career path is computer science. He is applying for entry into the U.

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