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❶Despite having fought side by side with Othello for many years, Iago has a very negative opinion of his employer. If you just tell the story, you will NOT do well.

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How does Desdemona react on her deathbed?
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His remarkable works have been read and written about by the high and mighty of the literal world and almost every student of English language. The story of Othello based on an earlier Italian work, is a tragedy set in the 16th century and revolves around four central characters. An Othello essay can be composed on any topic from the work like the relationship between these characters or the characters themselves.

For example, why Desdemona married Othello or the villainy of Iago will be subject enough to compose an essay. Quotes from innumerable reviews by literary greats can also be used to bring in some scholarly discourse in to the composition.

To the contrary, preparing one on any of his work need careful research and tedious work. Not that his works are difficult to understand but, reactions and reviews his works have generated in the past three or four centuries are capacious. It will be good to research on reviews by well known critics or literary figures to infuse some intellectual coloring into your Othello essay.

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Few advantages of using ProfEssays. But, to fare better at the rubric, the essay needs to maintain good form and should have unique content. Can you begin with a quote or should you always begin with a statement Quote to prove a point.

Always begin with a statement? How do you end a paragraph? Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence. This first sentence indicates what your paragraph will be about.

Despite having fought side by side with Othello for many years, Iago has a very negative opinion of his employer. His bitterness leads him on a quest for revenge and he begins to see people as simply pawns in a game of chess; each one will either help or hinder him in his quest. For example, rather than search for a new job, Iago decides to do everything in his power to destroy Othello. Iago is also very quick to believe the rumour that Othello has slept with his wife.

Thus, it is clear that Iago thinks very little of Othello, seeing him as motivated by lust and greed and interpreting his trusting nature as a weakness rather than a virtue. I used the analogy of a paragraph being a bit like a sandwich.

The top slice of bread is the topic sentence. The meat in the middle is basically the quotes and examples you use to develop your discussion and prove your point. You need both slices of bread and lots of filling.

If you have lots to say for one idea and it stretches into two paragraphs, this is basically a double-decker sandwich.

If you just tell the story, you will NOT do well. This example only deals with Act 1 because this is an essay we did when we finished that act. No prob at all.

As they told me, I wrote the list on the board. Then I ticked off each one as we discussed it. This is actually a document we created in real time in class — not all of it cause we ran out of time but def the first bit about introductions and the bit where I explain that a paragraph is a bit like a sandwich they found that really helpful as a memorable analogy.

Well done and well deserved!. Am looking through some ideas for Othello as I am revising it with LCs now. Am finding this very helpful thanks!! Thanks Brid x I miss you all in Flannans. Weirdly lunch time duty is one of the things I miss the most, I think because I was almost always rostered on alongside you or Leone and we got a chance to shoot the breeze about English… and kids… and our own kids.. Hugs to all xxx. In general terms yes, you want to deal with events at the beginning, in the middle and at the end more or less in order.

However, the single greatest error I see in student essays is an inability to leave things out — a reluctance to select ONLY that which is relevant to answering the question asked.

You see this is essays where the student has written 2 pages and is still stuck in Act 1! Basically, your essay must get to the end of the play and in order to do this you have to be very selective when deciding what points to include….

On the other hand it is possible to write an essay where each paragraph is built around a central idea, and is not necessarily chronological. I give each paragraph an identity in my plan. When I get to the end of that paragraph, my next paragraph moves on and develops a new idea.

This stops me from getting stuck in Act 1 for two pages. Hi Evelyn, I was just wondering what advice you would give a repeat student who has only taken up Othello this year? Getting kinda scared now about Othello! Know the central characters.

Know the major themes. Actually, this post on sample exam questions might help: Have you seen a production of the play? If for no other reason, think about what happened to poor Othello when he lost the rag! Your email address will not be published. Shopping Cart Checkout Media. Conclusions Othello Linking Phrases. Writing an introduction For this exercise, I first got students to tell me what they found confusing about introductions. Re-phrase the question and respond with your opinion How do we avoid just repeating the question word for word?

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- Othello and Iago The tragedy "Othello" by William Shakespeare is a story based upon the revenge of two characters, Othello and Iago. These two characters help to prove Murphey's Law which states that if something wrong can happen it will: for Othello it is the wrongful killing of his wife and friend, for Iago it is getting caught for his.

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Othello; Study Questions; Othello by: William Shakespeare Summary. Plot Overview; Summary & Analysis Writing Help. How to Write Literary Analysis; Suggested Essay Topics; At the end of Othello, Desdemona seems to be the most passive kind of victim. Smothered, deprived of breath and of words by her husband, she is totally .

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Use our sample 'Sample Othello Essay.' Read it or download it for free. Free help from wikiHow. Othello Jealousy Essay I have to write an essay about Othello's jealousy in William Shakespeare's play Othello, and I have no clue how .

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Need Writing Help? Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. Othello Essays] Powerful Essays words ( pages) Essay about The Trials of Othello - The Trials of Othello In Shakespeare's Othello there are three main trials that build the plot of the play. In each of these "trials", Iago though not always the judge. On this page you can become familiar with Othello essay writing. Check some tips in writing a good Othello essay, download free Othello essay samples.