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☆ Need help with my Antarctica homework... ☆?

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❶Because it is too cold for trees to grow in arctic habitats, animals find other places to live such as holes in the ground, or in caves made from snow. Insects in the Arctic habitat include:.


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The icy continent surrounding the South Pole is called Antarctica. Its name means “opposite to the Arctic,” referring to the region around the North Pole. Antarctica is the fifth in size among the continents, larger than Europe and Australia.

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North America has 4/25 and Antarctica has 1/10 of the dry land. What fractional amount of the dry land is contained within the three remaining continents math land on Earth’s surface is represented by the seven continents. Europe has 77% of the dry land while Africa has 20%. North America has 4/25 and Antarctica has 1/10 of the dry land. Jan 05,  · ☆ Need help with my Antarctica homework ☆? Basically i am doing a project on Antarctica, and i have to write about different aspects of Antarctica, such as the extreme environment, how to preserve the area for the future and recommendations for visitors and how they should behave in terms of Resolved.

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Overview: A Frozen Desert The continent of Antarctica contains the South Pole, and is the coldest place on Earth. Scientists from around the world have research bases and conduct experiments in a frozen, extremely inhospitable environment where the temperatures are over degrees below zero in . Antarctica is located at the South Pole; the polar bears you mention are at the North Pole. This is the Arctic Circle of Northern Alaska and Canada. If your question was about polar bear behavior in the .