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❶Your resume should represent your best professional effort at presenting your qualifications to employers. While you will work directly with your personal writer, we are unique in that we have expert editorial staff and resume consultants who are ready to assist you and our writers ensuring your resume is as dynamic and keyword rich as possible!

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Whether you are a student or entry-level candidate, evolving demands of the social media sphere require a profile that not only engages but compels.

Relying solely on endorsements or recommendations means you will miss the huge opportunity that your network presents. Whether seeking to fortify your personal brand, expand your professional network, or gain a competitive edge, your profile needs a suite of strategies working in tandem. Our social media profile development is the solution for improving your profile and rising to the top on social media channels.

Our experts will craft a specialized document for your social media profile to win the attention of hiring managers and take the next step in your career. Our specially designed, strategically crafted treatment will ensure you demonstrate you are more than knowledgeable about the job search Our experts understand how your personal brand is a critical aspect of your career success.

Today, your online identity must be as high impact as your resume, which is why we develop your resume in multiple strategic formats, including a Social Media version for improving your profile and rising to the top on social media channels.

With our specialized treatment, you will be in a position to tap the full potential of your professional network and ensure your profile on social media channels matches the caliber of your resume. When we write your cover letter, it will be designed to support your resume and target your career goals. A Bio is written in essay style and details the most fundamental moments, contributions, and style of your career.

Generally one page paragraphs , it focuses on your most current achievements and works backwards in reverse chronological order. A Bio is utilized for speaking engagements, company Websites, and portfolios used for marketing, job searches, and similar promotional activities. A strategic follow-up letter is sent following an interview. It also provides an opportunity to add related skills, abilities, and interests, or any other information you did not think of in the interview — which may have a bearing on your candidacy.

Since there will typically be several top candidates competing for the position, each with various tradeoffs regarding strengths and liabilities, a strategic follow-up letter helps nudge that often difficult decision in your favor.

When pursuing jobs that are significantly different in industry or responsibilities , it is best to modify your resume and cover letter to reflect the skill set sought in each type of position. This can be especially true when the skills are non-complementary, or when one option is a hands-on position and the other is a management position. Emphasizing skills other than those sought by an employer may raise questions about your interest level in a particular position.

Background checks are sometimes required for babysitters. Be sure to include soft skills, such as empathy and strong written and verbal communication to bolster your resume. Also, if you speak more than one language, be sure to include that on your resume, as some families will find language skills desirable. Create my Resume Fitness and personal trainer: Resume Example Fitness and personal trainers and instructors lead, instruct, and motivate individuals or groups in exercise activities, including cardiovascular exercises, strength training, and stretching.

They work with people of all ages and skill levels who are looking to get in shape and become stronger. Fitness and personal trainers work in a variety of settings, including health clubs, fitness or recreation centers, gyms, and yoga and Pilates studios.

Relevant work experience in one or more of these facilities should be front and center on a resume for a fitness or personal training position. Including soft skills, like communication, are also desirable qualities for those applying to be fitness and personal trainers. Create my Resume Nanny: Resume Example Nannies provide regular care for children when parents and other family members are unavailable.

In addition, some nannies pick up and drop off children from school, take them to appointments and playdates and help them do homework.

Nannies usually care for children in their own homes or in the homes of the children in their care. There are no formal education and training requirements for nannies, but individual employers may desire a college degree or a certification in early childhood education. Highlighting your education on a resume is a great idea when applying for nanny positions. Background checks are sometimes required for employment of a nanny.

If you speak more than one language, be sure to include that on your resume, as some families will find language skills desirable. Executive level writing concerns senior management positions and often requires additional research.

Our writers will conduct the research aimed at writing the highest quality document we can produce. The specialty of executive document writing is its particular focus on achievements.

A C-level professional should be ready to demonstrate their impact and achievements. Our writers will delve into your industry, decide on which achievements, and will word your achievements and impact in the concise and persuasive way. We are always looking for creative and professional writers with expertise in different industries to provide high-quality quality services to our clients. Online Resume writing services by professional writers. Jump-start your job search with a new resume Our resume writing process is unique.

How it Works Step 1 Place the order on our order form. Step 2 Fill out our questionnaire. Step 3 Provide feedback to your draft resume. Step 4 Download your document. Our services based on your level of experience Entry Level Entry level document writing concerns recent graduates, or people entering the workforce for the first time.

Professional Level Professional level writing is the service which is the best for the candidates having more than 2 years of experience but not occupying an executive level position. Executive Level Executive level writing concerns senior management positions and often requires additional research.

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Jun 06,  · Resume Writing Tips for Personal Services Professionals 1. Think beyond your formal education. Many jobs in the personal services industry do not require a degree beyond a high school diploma or equivalent.2/5(1).

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When you choose our resume-writing services, we guarantee the following: An Easy Ordering Process - It takes less than 5 minutes to fill in the order form. A Resume\CV Written by a Pro - Each writer is educated, talented, and has the necessary experience.

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Careers Plus Resumes® has been in business since as a dynamic group of perfectionists who strive to achieve % client satisfaction. Named one of the most impressive resume writing services for job searching by thousands of clients, recruiting agencies, and HR professionals. There are 3 most popular resume writing services in the world: Resume Planet, Resume Writers Service and Pro Resume Writing Service: According to The Washington Post, The Winchester Star, and The LA Times, Resume Planet is the best online resume-writing and editing service.

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CareerPerfect Resume Writing Services. Whether a mid-career professional, a senior executive, or just starting out, our entire team is ready to ensure you get the attention you deserve. Are you considering a professional resume writing service? If you are obtaining multiple job interviews with your current resume there’s no need to consider this question. If this is not the case you may want to review the following reasons to retain the services of a Certified Professional Resume Writer.