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Laws of Exponents

❶Most popular tags algebra problems solving equations word problems calculating percentages math problem geometry problems calculus problems fraction problems math trigonometry problems rounding numbers simplifying expressions solve for x please help me to answer this step by step. More help with division of polynomials at mathportal.

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Having Trouble With Your Homework? Enter your monomial or polynomial into the solver below and click "simplify" to see the correct answer. You may now be ready to move onto the next lesson which is simplifying monomials.

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Because of the Commutative Property of Multiplication, the factors can be rearranged, so that the problem becomes 3∙2∙a∙c, or 6ac. The result is still a monomial. Multiplying Exponents: If monomials are to be multiplied and the exponents have the same base, the exponents can be added to form the new monomial. Monomial expression is an expression consists of single term. Dividing monomials is the basic concept on dividing polynomials. Use laws of exponent on dividing variables. Monomial division starts with dividing the coefficients and for dividing variables we must follow the rules of exponents which means when we divide like variable subtract the .

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Homework. Homework Questions? Ask a Tutor for Answers ASAP. Answers to Homework; dividing monomials. Customer Question. how do you divide monomials? how do you divide monomials? Submitted: 11 years ago. Category: Homework. Ask Your Own Homework Question. Share this conversation. Need Help With Your Homework? Enter your monomial or polynomial expression and click "simplify" to see the correct answer. For further help with monomials, you may want to visit our next page on dividing monomials.