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❶Elderly individuals often live alone, and have developed a unique way of caring for themselves.

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Because the Crowells have been among the most diligent donors of family records to the Woods Hole Historical Collection. Crowell, from likelier to feature the scrawl of Ralph Waldo Emerson than Elvis Presley, but you never know ; Word War II ephemera, including draft cards and ration coupons on the minus side it was hard to get hold of too much butter, on the plus side it was hard to get hold of too much butter ; a photograph of the Pacific Guano Company grounds, it looks a lot better than it smelled ; a real estate tax bill to Mercy F.

The preservation, organization and display of these treasures is made possible by the tireless efforts of Susan Witzell, Jennifer Gaines and others, who are digitizing, cataloguing and cross-referencing countless items and making them available to everyone.

History, in a sense, is not just what lies behind, but what lies ahead. We are each making history, Woods Hole history, every day. We are gathering it photograph by photograph, blueprint by blueprint, journal by journal, and storing it away in our personal files. One, we are beginning the long range planning process needed for the expansion and modernization of our archival facilities, and two, we are urging our community to think of us when it comes time to find a new home for the stuff of our memories.

We hope you will consider sharing it, not just with future generations of your nuclear family, but with your larger Woods Hole family, who will preserve it, organize it, ensure access to it -and treasure it -always, at the Woods Hole Historical Museum and Collection! For other upcoming events, click here. A searchable list of all Spritsail articles is now available online. To see the list and explore back issues click here.

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College Students How to write dissertation Homework help chat room Essay. Internet chat rooms and rapid real-time teleconferencing allow users to interact with whoever happens to coexist in. Hello, I am looking for a real, genuine and professional freelance writer who is fairly priced and not a scam to help me with a biology essay which is due in two. Place the notes from a. Part B - Outlining Ideas 5 marks Follow the instructions given below for this part of the task: Based on the topic that you constructed in Part A, make an outline.

Use hierarchy and economy concepts learnt in LA course in your outline. Provide support details in the outline; not just the main ideas. Part C - Constructing an Essay 18 marks Use the outline in Part B to construct an expository essay of three 3 paragraphs.

Discuss two points in your essay. Ensure that your essay contains the three features: Additionally, also consider the structure of your essay.

Use appropriate transitional markers to achieve unity and coherence in your paragraphs and in the whole essay. Provide references for your essay. From the video the tribune suggests that those who died in the heatwave were just like us, and they died because they rejected any kind of help.

Yet contrary to that belief our readings assert that of the victims in the heat wave who were old, white and black men, were disproportionately represented. Did old men die most because they lived alone? Could we simply state that they lived in isolation alone and claim that as an explanation? Not according to the documentary. The speaker suggests that instead, of those individuals that died from the heat, individuals who lived in neighborhoods that did not have a sound social infrastructure were more likely to have gone un-noticed due to a lack of social interactions and connections.

In "rougher" sections such as Englewood, crime rates were high, yet the way in which houses were physically layed out singled out victims that would have divisive class prejudices, weakened community life, a reduced trust, and increased violence. These types of neighborhoods were the exact places that affected most by the heat wave due to the lack of social interaction.

People were not knocking on doors of vulnerable individuals because perhaps individuals did not know that vulnerable people lived there. Another notion that the speaker highlighted was the mass media belief that people died because they neglected themselves.

Elderly individuals often live alone, and have developed a unique way of caring for themselves. Most often, they have an extremely long history of drug dependency.

At the time of this heatwave it was an era where the advertising of prescription drugs were only done to physicians. If an elderly individual was experiencing new symptoms they could not simply suggest a drug that could "solve their problems", but instead they would have to go through a battery of procedures.

Yet, what else was happening in Chicago? The city failed to do things that they should have done because the proper authorities were on vacation. Medical hospitals were shutting down and the elderly who were alone and taking care of themselves at home also did not have power. What could have been the potential effects of taking the incorrect medication in the dark or running out of medication that was detrimental to the daily functioning of the elderly?

How long would it have taken for them to get the medical attention that they may have needed? Write a polynomial function P in factored and standard form by using the given information: Just as an observation, the shift means there is increased interaction with the father with his children and care. Both Altintas and Sullivan and Wax see evidence pointing to household distribution of labour in terms of work-life balance where the female has a greater role in labour regardless of her full time employment status.

Coltrane finds distribution becomes an issue where patterns shift after children enter the household. Coltrane reports many household activities are shared but that the female bears the major responsibility of child care. The child care changes the level of perceived fairness, presents possible resentment if not discussed, and the pattern changes to balance between mother and father.

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